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Crystal Branded Dice With Presentation Bag

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Personalized awards and trophies give recognition programs an identity and greater purpose. By customizing awards for organizations and recipients, you create something that feels truly special. Customization is a crucial part of creating an unforgettable experience for your honorees. No matter the aim for your program, personalization is a must.

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Hilltop Holdings

Crystal Award Personalization And Design Pattern

Personalized awards by Cristaux

The Cristaux International team takes immense pride in building long-lasting relationships with our clients and business partners. With our powerful network of collaborators and vendors, we can design innovative and purposeful creations that bring to life companies’ stories. We are pioneers for modern awards that drive brand growth and inspire flourishing businesses.

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Cristaux was able to solve all of our pain points and do so in a cost-efficient way … The Cristaux team always puts my mind at ease with on-time delivery, a seamless production process and is always answering every email/question of mine — even if I’ve asked it a few times! I cannot recommend Cristaux more for their design abilities, quality, production process and customer service.

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How do I create a personalized award?

To create custom awards, you collaborate with a trustworthy awards vendor like Cristaux. Through each step of the creation process, we will support your vision and seek out solutions to level up your recognition awards, programs, and logistics. Every creation we help make is built through a tried-and-true system of steps designed to prioritize our client’s dreams.

Ideate Design Personalized Award Sketch


To begin creating your personalized award, it helps to identify requirements for your program. For instance, it’s important to know the quantity of pieces needed, delivery date, and budget. Also, consider the details you’d like included in the piece’s design. Different ideas about materials, colors, artwork, and more serve as the foundation for a truly inspired concept.

Computer Creative Render Personalized Award Design


Creative design is right in our wheelhouse. Our dedicated engineers will collaborate with you and listen to your story. With your vision in mind, they will create a cutting-edge concept that honors your wishes and requirements. Also, they’ll incorporate special details to make something truly special for you and your recipients.

Prototype Process Hope Award


To ensure a design can be achieved, we recommend rapid prototyping. By creating a sample of your design, you can evaluate it before starting the whole production. Safety nets like these help our clients build confidence in their creations. Organizing an entire recognition program is no easy feat, but it helps to get a bit of reassurance along the way.

Manufacturing Metal Machinery Awards


Once the award design and prototype are approved, we enlist our powerhouse vendors. Spanning across the globe, our suppliers provide us with high-quality materials and fabrication techniques needed to realize unprecedented concepts. With their help, client visions and personalized awards are brought to life.

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Personalizing Metal Awards Digital Print


Nearing the end of the creation process, we prepare to personalize awards. With leading technology and experience, we engrave, etch, and customize awards with the utmost precision. Our dedication to excellence shines through every piece because we are truly committed to delivering the best. For instance, we can clone your company brand’s exact colors and use them to fill in engraved recipient names and other information.

Shipping Personalized Awards Safe Packaging


To get your precious creations safely in your hands, we develop personal shipping solutions for every client. Additionally, our drop shipping allows you to send personalized trophies and gifts to individual recipient addresses, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. We’ll track your parcels and ensure a secure arrival for every piece.

Types of personalized awards and trophies

At Cristaux, we pride ourselves in presenting a buffet of options to our customers. In the world of recognition, the sky is the limit, and the possibilities are boundless. With many unique creations to choose from, you can bet you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re always looking to take on exciting projects and advance our specialties.

Acrylic Plaque with digital print personalization


Classic and customizable, personalized awards and plaques prove the value of a timeless concept. Whether building a certification program or celebrating employee milestones, plaques act like a canvas for meaningful personalization. With the recipient in mind, you can completely customize a plaque to create a truly tailored and individualized piece.

Silver And Gold Medallions Engraved


From sports trophies to custom sales awards, medallions adapt to and elevate any occasion. Whether molding to a unique shape or reinventing classic concepts, custom medals embrace versatility. They can serve as the centerpiece for a program, grow brand awareness, and more. Also, we can easily personalize ribbons by fabricating them in unique colors or printing personalization on them.

Acrylic Plaque with digital print personalization

On-Site Engraving

As a part of our white glove service, we offer on-site engraving at any in-person event. This unique option elevates the experience for all guests. After honorees receive their awards, they can watch as the pieces are engraved in real time. This unique memory helps make your recognition program stand out.

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Award Statue Name Plate Personalization

Award Statues

Like the prestigious Oscars and Grammys, unique award statues evoke excellence. A personalized award like this adopts the whole identity of a recognition program and the brand it represents. Cristaux statue awards are incredibly detailed and meet high standards for quality control. Often used to honor the best in diverse fields and industries, these creations must match the high caliber of their recipients.

Acrylic thumbprint design personal message


Acrylic may be the most adaptable material because it lends itself well to different projects and is easy to work with. Whether cut or molded, this material helps us create unique deal toys, corporate gifts, and more. At Cristaux, we use the leading type of acrylic: Lucite. We prioritize the quality of our creations so that recipients can admire their awards for a long time.

Red Swirl Art Glass Personal Recognition


Awards made from glass exude elegance. The Cristaux team works with art glass sculptures and jade glass. Also, we often mix this material with other textures like wood, to create a more intriguing design. Glass works beautifully for employee recognition pieces, safety awards, and other creations.

Metal Award With Company Values Engraved


Capturing a bespoke sleekness and strength, metal is like no other material. For one program, it can coat an entire design and be polished to shine brightly. From a different creation, it can be anodized to showcase a vibrant hue. The Cristaux team collaborates with our suppliers to offer our clients the best offerings of aluminum, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, and alloys.

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Crystal Personalized Deal Toy


If you’re looking for something radiant, then look no further than crystal. As the inspiration for our company name, crystal is our pride and joy. Using this superior material, we love to push ourselves and discover what new designs can be achieved. Commonly used for building replicas and event awards, crystal is extremely refined and highly revered.

Wood Corporate Gift


Conveying an incomparably natural effect, wooden awards are classic and strong. Wood is unique for its ability to elevate a creation while complimenting other materials. Whether choosing from a walnut or pine, any wood will balance distinctness with high quality.  This material is often used for plaques and award bases.

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Award Personalization Sand Etch Process

Personalized & engraved awards

Customization is key to making recipients feel truly valued and appreciated. Utilizing decoration gives recognition pieces those few final touches that make a program look and feel complete. Awards, medals, plaques, and gifts can all be elevated with the most popular personalization methods.

  • Sand etching
  • Digital printing
  • Engraving
  • Sublimation
  • Embedment
  • 3D printing

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Honor your recipients with personalized awards by Cristaux

Personalization is an essential element for every recognition program. Regardless of your type of award, the creation process always keeps the recipient in mind. Dedicated to elevating your honorees’ experience, we will work hard to create a design special for your people, brand, and story.

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The creation timeline for making a plaque award can span from one to five months or more. It depends on factors like the degree of customization, the materials that need to be sourced, and fabrication times. Discover valuable insights and learn more about our creative process timeline.

Yes, you can customize a trophy. There are many ways to personalize recognition pieces. For example, vendors can engrave recipient information or use company branded colors in the design. There are countless methods and techniques we can use to create a one-of-a-kind award made especially for you.

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