The Art and Science of Creation

Timeless achievement deserves timeless recognition.

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Make Your Rewards truly Matter

Milestones are reached. Sales goals are shattered. Deal are closed, and new companies come to life.

When you accomplish something important, it should be recognized and rewarded. At Cristaux, we match your hard work through our craft as your recognition partner. Using innovation, imagination, an creation, we break bounds and build a new face of recognition.

Cristaux Custom Molded And Casted Aluminum Electroplated Event Award

Custom Awards redefine Recognition

You have a story to be told. It’s one of accomplishment. It’s one of the challenges being overcome. It’s one that deserves to be told right. Our custom awards take that vision and turn it into something unique, extraordinary, and lasting.

Discover your Custom Award

Custom Financial Deal Toy New Orleans Embassy Suites Hurricane Drink Crystal

Financial Tombstones + Deal Toys embody Success

After the handshakes, after the contracts, after the champagne, what is left? An achievement. And the financial tombstones and deal toys that recognize this achievement should be just as bold and significant. Go beyond the average. Go for the extraordinary.

Custom Golden Pop Tart metal replica by Cristaux

Building Replicas detail Brilliance

You’ve created something: physical, real, and with character and personality that comes from you. You deserve a replica that portrays your creation with incredible detail and embodies the spirit of your brand.

Capture the essence of your building

Case Study


Cristaux Viking Cruise Custom Metal Award

Company Branded awards capture Your Culture

Your culture is one where people work together and work hard. When they are awarded for that work, the award must contain that spirit. We work with you to embed your culture, your vision, and your spirit into every customized trophy and award. We work to make it matter.

Cristaux Select Creation Gold Spin Cube

Select Creations explore Creativity

A select creation is something uniquely and inarguably yours. Using visionary craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, our team will create a piece that’s like nothing else out there. We’ll create a piece that’s as unique as you.

Cristaux Labs warehouse building for research and design

Our Processes drive Your Opportunity

At Cristaux, we believe that hard work matters. We employ leading technology, creative vision, and a dedication to getting it right.

That means late nights, many drafts, crumpled up pieces of paper, hours grinding away in production…and then something beautiful. Something yours.

See how our process makes your creation possible.

I have used Cristaux as my vendor of choice for several years now and I’ve never been dissatisfied with the quality of work, proofing process, product choice, or shipping deadlines. Their quality of work is outstanding.

Michael K.
Mental Health America
Cristaux Hyvee Recognition metal number for years of service

Full-Service Recognition Solutions

You’ve worked hard. We want to make your life easier. From planning your awards program to collecting addresses for recipient drop shipments, we’ll take care of it.

We are ready to exceed your expectations of what success looks like. With our programs, work gloves meet white gloves.

Reach greatness with our recognition solutions

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Crafted Creations make the Moment Last

All our creations begin with a conversation. Let’s talk about what matters to you, and how
we won’t stop until we make that vision come to life.

Create something unforgettable. Create something exceptional with Cristaux.

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