Another way of saying this is “split shipment,” meaning we split up your order and help you ship it to however many destinations you need. With the impact Covid-19 and much of the workforce working remote, roughly 80% of our orders are now being fully drop shipped.

For any order to be successfully drop shipped, we need complete and accurate information about all shipping destinations before processing. Please make sure to connect with customer service who have dedicated spreadsheets and guidelines to walk you through this entire process.

Learn more about our drop shipping solution here.

Drop shipping allows Cristaux to help you make sure that all of your recipients safely get their recognition products without having you do anything more than provide us with accurate information. This is a huge time-saver for most customers, being that many of our clients simply do not have the shipping experience we have. This allows you, as the customer, to concentrate on what you do best.

By sharing recipient email information, our systems can systematically notify all parties of tracking numbers when the shipments leave our facility. This is simply another complimentary value-added service. This also helps mitigate and minimize returned shipments.

All master orders are then consolidated, and our customers are provided with master shipping documents outlining all recipient tracking numbers, individual costs, etc. Another value-added service to help keep your day organized.

Unlike a traditional order, which most often ships to a single location, split shipment or better known as “drop shipments,” take time and resources to accommodate.

Example. You have a 100pc order that you traditionally would have shipped to your office. Now, you are splitting up that shipment and sending 100 different pieces to the employees’ homes. In order to drop ship, our shipping department now needs to create 100 individual boxes with 100 individual addresses, which takes much more time.

Our primary shipping partner is FedEx but we also ship with UPS, DHL, & Post Office.

LTL & LCL shipments are used for larger bulk orders.

Yes absolutely. We charge a $10 fixed fee for this service, and this option only applies for domestic (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) shipments.

This varies depending on the size of your order, shipping destination, etc. We are more than happy to provide shipping dimensions but unfortunately we do not provide shipping quotes for projects under 100 pieces because of the overall administrative time required.

Absolutely! We ship internationally daily and have vast experience with shipping to over 140 countries worldwide. This includes single and split shipments.


Unfortunately, we are not able to meet this request. We kindly ask that you triple check all of your files before approving anything. Once your files are approved, our internal teams move fast, and your project is added to our production schedules the following day. Any interruptions or changes can cause serious delays with your order and in-hand dates. Should additional quantities be needed a subsequent order will be created.

If you approved all your personalization files, your order has been released into production. Your project is either in production or is in shipping department. Once your orders ships, all recipients are provided with master tracking. Final invoices are shared once your shipment leaves our facilities.

Please keep in mind that different custom projects have different lead times. Please defer to the lead time provided within your quote and order acknowledgement before requesting a status update with customer service.

Yes. Typically, we take studio shots of all our custom products, assuming we have enough time for photography. Any special requests need to be made with your account manager ahead of time, and additional charges may be incurred.

Check out our other white glove services here.

Yes, but we handle those on a case-by-case basis. Please connect with your customer service representative to discuss your project details.

Absolutely. Service charges will apply depending on the complexity. To learn more please ask about our A La Carte services.

Typically, our standard turnaround times are 48-72 hours (about 3 business days). However, larger orders (more than 100 pieces) can take a little bit longer because there is more data to cross-check.


Our goal is to provide the most competitive unit cost to our clients possible. As a custom fabricator, we are simply not in the financing business.

Finance charges can be avoided by paying via check or ACH. We recommend ACH because it expedites the payment process much faster, especially on future orders.

Yes. Please keep in mind that we are not a printing company. We have great relationships with local printers who we can recommend for more complex projects, but we manage many programs which consist of internal printing and fulfillment solutions.

If you have a new account, then your terms are prepayment. All shipping charges will be invoiced and charged to your credit card upon release.

Established accounts often require a minimum of a 50% deposit on inventory. The remaining 50% balance is due either upon shipment or at the completion of production. Only prepaid inventory will be stored back into inventory. All invoices must be paid within 30 days.

Statement accounts are only sent from our systems when invoices are not paid on time. Oftentimes, invoices need to be resent to your accounting departments, or you will need to update our accounting team with updated points of contact from your accounts payable team.

Most design fees vary based on the project, but our agency rate is $125/hour for creative services. Our more integrated CAD fees start at $325/hour.

Any creative fees incurred are often credited toward your order.

  • 50% reimbursement for projects $5,000 or more.
  • 100% reimbursement for projects $10,000 or more.

Setup fees vary but are broken out in two ways: There are setup fees relating to starting your project where 3D printing, modeling and molds and required, while there are other setup fees relating to personalization services for substrates such as sand blasting, UV digital printing, laser, screen print, etc.

All mold fees vary based on the design complexity. There is no one size fits all.

Personalization fees typically range between $80 - $135 depending on the method. See more from our “Personalization Services.”

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