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Expedited Shipping Methods

We provide direct drop shipping for custom awards and other recognition projects, skipping the middleman and keeping quality control in-house. This dedicated service continues with intentional follow-ups after each delivery to maintain that the condition the product arrives in is as promised.

We take on the responsibility to guarantee each delivery meets our standards because ultimately, we are not satisfied until the client is.

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The Team of Logistic Experts

Our specialists are proficient in the trade of transportation. Our comprehensive understanding of the freight industry allows us to provide a higher standard of customer service. By understanding common shipping roadblocks and idiosyncrasies, we raise the customer service bar by sharing shipping insights with clients.

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Custom Shipping Solutions

With end to end solutions, Cristaux provides clients a simplified shipping experience that enhances the value chain to both business and customer. Whether your event has gone digital or you prefer to be hands-off when it comes to shipping logistics, we’ve got you covered.

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