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White acrylic plaque with screen printed personalization

Recognize With Recipient in Mind

An enduring type of recognition, plaques continue to honor special people and achievements. The best designs are tailored to and personalized for the ones being commemorated. Personal, customized awards become great pieces of pride for appreciative recipients.

At Cristaux, we’ve dedicated years to learning everything about custom creations and innovating our capabilities. We love to share our philosophy and experience with plaques, from the core makeup to award materials and personalization.

Lady gaga with ticketmaster acrylic lightbox plaque

Unique plaques by Cristaux

The Cristaux team works hard to support our clients and their visions through the design, ordering, production, and shipment processes. With our comprehensive and in-house solutions, we support you and make your creation come to life.

After years of perfecting our craft, we ensure that our custom plaques capture the vision and company brand of each client. We challenge the status quo to deliver something special for you and to modernize recognition for years to come.

Unique wood steering wheel plaque

Plaques: Definition

Plaques and internal signage are a type of recognition typically made in the shape of a tablet and from various materials like wood and metal. They also are often designed to be hung on a wall or other surface. These pieces recognize people, teams, events, or specific accomplishments. Additionally, they are well suited for certification and performance programs.

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Plaque awards made from select materials

Plaques are a well-known type of recognition, easily reinvented with different materials. By working with Cristaux, you’ll discover what is best for your design.

wood plaque with gold strip for personalization

Wood plaques

Wood is one of the most popular materials used to manufacture certificate plaques because it is commonly used to frame the main element. It achieves a strong and natural effect for any piece. This material may also be used as the backdrop for a design. Additionally, it can be decorated with a metal veneer to respect a limited budget while achieving a sleek effect.

Double glass plaque with metal stand offs.

Glass plaques

Crystal and glass plaques are timeless and sophisticated. With our years of experience, our team can expertly etch or engrave any glass plaque. Crystal is our namesake specialty, and we take immense pride in every crystal award that leaves our facility.

Black plaque with metal plate attached by metal standoffs

Metal plaques

By using metal, you can elevate any plaque design. This sharp and sleek material can be personalized in many ways. Techniques include digital printing, die casting or molding, cutting, acid etching, sublimation, and painting. Whether you imagine a polished or matte finish, metal will bend to your vision.

Acrylic plaque with magnet photo holder

Acrylic plaques

Acrylic can serve many diverse purposes for custom plaques. It can be used as a transparent and non-glare cover or as a clean and modern frame. This material can also be molded into smaller elements to further detail your design.

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Metal mounted on acrylic plaque. Digital printed personalization

Engraved and personalized award plaques

At Cristaux International, we strive to personalize every piece that leaves our facility. Personalization makes an award unique and special to a recipient. To personalize plaques, we can use the following techniques:

  • Laser engraving
  • Sand etching
  • Color fill
  • Digital printing
  • Sublimation

Using the best technique for each piece, we inscribe different materials including crystal, metal, and acrylic. Additionally, we offer on-site engraving for recognition events as one of our white glove services.

Allow your branding to tell your story with custom plaques by Cristaux

Now that you know the many possibilities for your custom plaques, contact our team to get started. From the design consultation to production and shipping, we’ll ensure clear and consistent communication. Not only do we want to make your dream custom plaques, but we also want to create an unforgettable experience for your honorees.

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Custom wall plaques are a type of recognition made specifically for the recipient. They are also designed to be hung on a wall, to conveniently display achievements. These pieces are customized to feature details about the recipient, accomplishment, company, and more.

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