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Crystal tire replica on metal base

Redefine recognition

Look back on your team’s journey. Remember all the persistence they displayed and all the milestones achieved. To get to where you are, your organization made tough decisions and took big risks. Now is the time to honor that hard work and success.

Cristaux is in the business of creating custom awards and trophies that challenge the status quo. Team up with us to create something one-of-a-kind that matches your unique story. From choosing award materials to deciding on the type of creation. From perfecting personalization to managing your program’s logistics, we are here for you.

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metal pillars with black/red

Unique custom awards made from extraordinary materials

At Cristaux, we have a vast selection of high-quality materials for our custom awards. Whether you envision a classic or rare concept, we have the perfect material. Beyond that, we are experts on our selection.

We instill the fibers of your story into the creation of a custom award that reflects your achievement with precision and elegance. We first listen to your program concept. Then, we craft a special piece with the raw material perfectly aligned with your company. Last, we capture the spirit of your brand and transform it into an unforgettable experience.

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Crystal with sand etch + black/gold colorfill

Custom glass awards

Glass is a sophisticated material. It works well for engraving and etching customized awards. No matter the concept, custom glass work will always have a timeless effect. Whether toasting champagne flutes to a job well done or celebrating a new property with a deal toy, glass can take on any project with grace.

Crystal helicopter replica on black crystal base

Custom crystal awards

Crystal can make any piece look exclusive and prestigious. It can be cut, polished, and engraved for any custom designed award. This striking material is also stronger than glass, allowing for more complex designs. To ensure high-quality recognition, we use grade “A” optical crystal. We are serious and committed to guaranteeing you a sleek and state-of-the-art design.

Black And Silver Award In Shape Of T Made Of Metal And Acrylic 001

Custom acrylic awards

Acrylic is a durable, lightweight, and flexible option for any custom award program.  To uphold our unmatched standards, we use Lucite: the market’s leading choice of acrylic. Like its shatter-resistant quality, it won’t shatter your savings in terms of budget. When in the hands of our team, this prime material allows us to execute excellent and meaningful designs.

EDM Wire cut Metal BMW logo replica with color enamel fill

Custom metal awards

A custom metal award is the epitome of sleek. With clean cuts and perfected polishing, this material is guaranteed to shine. From featuring gold accents to constructing a whole piece out of solid aluminum, metal is diverse. It takes on many shapes and serves many purposes.

Rewarding hard work through different forms of recognition

Every organization takes a different journey and accomplishes different goals. Those details matter to us and serve as the backbone for your award program. To show you the Cristaux way, we weave your special story into custom awards. No matter the task, we’ll make it happen.

Why we do what we do.

Metal, crystal, and carbon fiber golf trophy

Custom trophies

To celebrate the highest level of achievement in sports and gaming, a custom trophy is in order. No matter the event, each trophy award we create is rooted in the client’s story. For each deserving victor, we deliver a unique award special to your brand. With us, you can create a customized trophy worthy of any winner.

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Gold Benjamin Franklin replica statue

Custom statues

For every design that is inspired by a statue, we show that the power is in the details. Our custom award statues are expertly replicated and enhanced. By using molds and state-of-the art personalization techniques, we can perfect every detail. When every small feature is spot-on, the whole piece shines.

Laser Cut Acrylic Award Of Two Hands Holding The Word Hope
Case Study


Crystal abstract dove statue

Custom sculptures

Like custom statue awards, custom sculpture awards are empowered by an eye for detail. These product replicas are not limited to a specific concept. They can transform a whole recognition program while honoring great achievements.

Black wall plaque

Custom award plaques

A custom plaque is a traditional yet versatile type of creation. Its classic concept is easily reinvented by using different materials and elevating its design.

Express sincere gratitude with a truly distinct design. You can commemorate special achievements by creating custom award plaques entirely out of metal. Or you could ditch the traditional square frame for a more uncommon shape.

white acrylic wall plaque certificate

Custom certificates

Although certificate plaques are another form of traditional recognition, our team works hard to advance the industry standard. To modernize this popular recognition award, we opt for unusual materials and diverse framing options.

Imagine the typical framed paper certificate next to a crystal, customized, and company branded award. While the former might be a conventional approach, the latter is exceptional.

Crossfit Medallion Silver Medal

Custom award medals

Custom medals are a fresh and innovative take on their long, rich history. Our expert designers join art and science to capture your vision. With cutting edge techniques, we can use mixed materials or fashion medallions into luggage tags. Our timeless artistry and craftmanship doesn’t stop there. We also design challenge coins as tokens for membership and belonging.

Crafting Extraordinary For every Occasion

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Deal Toys
A deal is so much more than a handshake. Your tombstone and deal toy should recognize your team and individual accomplishments.

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Building Replicas
Extraordinary details that honor the craftsmanship, sweat, and passion that went into your creations. Celebrate with a replica that honors your hard work.

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Company Branded
Enhance your company’s brand and embody its philosophy with a custom creation that reflects your unique story. Let your company identity steer the design vision.

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True artistry crafts one-of-a-kind creations that are symbols of your distinct personality. No matter the idea, Cristaux can bring your vision to life.

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Custom awards and engraving

Personalization is essential to bespoke award design. Made for a special individual, each customized award is engraved or imprinted with meaningful details. This means that every recognition piece that leaves our facility will celebrate your achievements with the highest honor.

There are countless tools and techniques to refine personalized awards. We can etch the details of a monumental deal for an exclusive financial tombstone. We can precisely print your logo or any other artwork for a company branded design. We can even elevate your plaques and internal signage to inspire change. Whatever the idea, your vision will be realized.

Bring a vision to life with personalized awards + trophies.

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To begin your custom awards project today, share your story with us. From there, we will collaborate with you to figure out which of our time-tested solutions best fit your vision. Through design, manufacturing, and delivery, our expert team and proven processes will support you. We can’t wait to hear your story and get started.

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