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Seek Extraordinary. Redefine Recognition.

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Success Is Not Inevitable

It is a series of moments and decisions. It is a choice to take the next step, challenge the status quo, and create something new. The custom award that captures this moment should be memorable, bold, and unique. It should be as lasting as your success.

We match passion with dedication by honoring the highest success. We are here for people who think that accomplishments deserve something more than a pat on the back.

Accept the challenge. Choose success. Redefine recognition.

Find Extraordinary With Cristaux

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Boxing Ring For MGM

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How Do You redefine Recognition?

Empathy. Imagination. Hard work. Late nights. These are what goes into your success, and they are what go into every custom award. Custom awards are the product of a thousand first drafts and emerging visions. They are the product of a genuine excitement for your story.

This is not luxury for the sake of luxury. It is hard work because hard work matters. It is telling your story because your story deserves to be recognized.

Modernizing Recognition with Cristaux

We craft custom awards in the Cristaux Labs using ground breaking techniques along with time-honored precision to make your custom creation exceptional.

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The Vision to Transform

We craft your unique story from raw materials to evoke your distinct brand. We capture your philosophy, personality, and experience. We instill the fibers of your story into a custom award that reflects the achievement it represents with precision and elegance.

Envision your experience with the transformative power of Cristaux.

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The skill to Reveal

With Cristaux, the finest designers join art and science to capture your moment. Choose from high-quality custom crystal awards, acrylic awards, and metal awards. We specialize in 3D-printing, color fill, engraving, logo design, personalization, and recognition program management.

Cutting-edge techniques. Timeless artistry. True craftsmanship that reveals your story.

Crafting Extraordinary For every Occasion

Financial Tombstones + Deal Toys

A deal is so much more than a handshake. Your tombstone and deal toy should recognize your team and individual accomplishments.

Explore Our Tombstone + Deal Toys Services

Building + Product Replicas

Extraordinary details that honor the craftsmanship, sweat, and passion that went into your creations. Celebrate with a replica that honors your hard work.

View our Building + Product Replicas

Company Branded Designs

Enhance your company’s brand and embody its philosophy with a custom creation that reflects your unique story. Let your company identity steer the design vision.

See our Company Branded Concepts

Select Creations + Mixed Media

True artistry crafts one-of-a-kind creations that are symbols of your distinct personality. No matter the idea, Cristaux can bring your vision to life.

View our Select Creations Recognition Offerings

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Why The James Beard Foundation Partners With Cristaux

We are proud partners in the production of the world-renowned James Beard Foundation. Learn how we helped form one of the most striking recognition programs in the world.

Uncover Our James Beard Foundation Partnership

Custom Programs transformed  by Modernizing Recognition

Our custom creations are the result of something monumental: a decision you make to redefine recognition. An award recognizes accomplishment; an awards program makes recognition something to remember. Your program is finessed down to the smallest details, letting you celebrate and experience the moment.

Craft exceptional with Cristaux.

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