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Metal, carbon fiber, and crystal panel leadership award

Custom Recognition for Change-Makers

It takes a special person to inspire change and an even greater form of recognition to justly honor them and their legacy. Leadership awards are reserved for the most influential and deserving. Here at Cristaux, we pay it forward by helping you honor the leaders in your life with custom creations. Find out what’s possible for your leadership award and how to bring your program to its fullest potential.

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What is a leadership award?

A leadership award is a type of recognition for individual achievement. It celebrates those who have made a positive impact on the world around them. Examples include lifetime achievement, student leadership, and industry-specific leadership awards. These select creations can take on many forms, shapes, and purposes.

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What types of leadership awards are there?

Because there are leaders in every industry and profession, there is an immense array of leadership awards. Consider the following types for your recognition program.

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Business Leadership Awards

Business leadership awards honor those in business or an industry, who display great skills and achieve great successes as a leader. Examples include entrepreneurship, small business, and international business leadership awards. This type of recognition lends well to company branded concepts, celebrating both recipients and your brand in the design.

Clear and blue crystal abstract flame shape leadership award

Research Awards

Research awards celebrate individuals and organizations who have achieved research milestones in their fields. This type of recognition is typically issued by an association or nonprofit organization.

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Integrity Awards

Integrity award recipients display great character by upholding high standards, fighting for a good cause, and more. A common integrity award that we see at Cristaux is when public service individuals are recognized for their great contributions to social causes.

Blue crystal circle leadership award

Awards for Managers

Awards for managers may recognize an individual or group of managers. They are celebrated for their accomplishments in their role, positive change, innovation, and more. These programs are often designed for specific categories or industries.

Custom crystal flame leadership award

Leadership vs. Sales Awards

What is the difference between leadership awards and sales awards? While leadership awards celebrate anyone of any background, sales trophies and awards focus on those achieving great milestones in sales. Types of sales awards include president’s club and million-dollar club awards.

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How to honor executive leadership

To honor executive leadership with an award, you can nominate them for established recognition programs or create your own custom gift. With Cristaux’s help, you can design a custom corporate gift special to your executives. Whether they are retiring or celebrating an outstanding work anniversary, celebrate their commitment to your organization with a custom leadership or service award.

How to order custom awards at Cristaux

With years of experience, we’ve learned how to support our customers creating an unforgettable experience for their award recipients. Find out more about the manufacturing process at Cristaux and how you can order your custom awards.

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In collaboration with our creative design department, you can turn your vision into reality. You decide on design details like size, shape and color.

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Next, we fabricate your custom awards. Our specialists guarantee that our creations take your design to the highest potential. We do everything to achieve excellence.

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Personalized awards, trophies, and gifts are our specialty. We create custom-made pieces using manufacturing methods such as sand etching or 3D layering.

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We safely send your custom awards any location around the globe. Our drop shipping logistics allow us to send packages direct to award recipients’ anywhere.

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Leadership Awards by Cristaux

Now inspired and knowledgeable, you’re ready to start developing your leadership award program. Working with us, we’ll show you how we’re leaders in customer service. Our dedicated team and comprehensive recognition awards will support you from your design consultation to the very last shipment of awards.

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An emerging leader award recognizes those who stand out from the rest, work harder than others, and show potential to achieve great things. This type of recognition program is popular for associations, non-profits, and educational institutions. 

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