Case Study


Baxalta is an international leader in the biopharmaceutical industry. Its team members are involved in product research, development, and manufacturing. They have worked hard to develop treatments for disorders, deficiencies, and more.


The Challenge

Baxalta sought the perfect recognition partner to create a line of branded awards. They envisioned a piece that would be used as a commemorative “thank you” to their investor relations team. They had one request: feature the “X” symbol of their company brand. Determined to deliver, we knew their logo was essential to the design. 


The Solution

We started by cutting crystal pieces and aluminum bases. The crystal was then inserted and glued into the base. For the product details, we engraved the “X” shape of the Baxlata logo into the crystal. We then used our color-matching system to hand paint the etched areas Baxalta’s branded colors of blue and silver. To top it off, we polished the bases to create a sharp and sleek effect.

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