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Although it is often underestimated, employee appreciation can change someone’s life. Every person treasures the feeling of being valued. Indeed, words of thanks are unbeatable. However, appreciation awards elevate any recognition effort.

These awards drive results and retain loyal employees. Most importantly, for those who have an invaluable impact on your organization, appreciation awards show how much you care. From finding wording ideas to learning about types of awards, you want to create something special and to inspire growth.

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Appreciation awards: meaning

While recognition awards honor specific achievements, appreciation awards reflect general feelings of gratitude. Despite this difference, both are essential parts of a positive and engaged company culture. You may give appreciation awards to employees because you want to remind them of how much they mean to you.

Everyone deserves and wants to be appreciated. Take charge and create something special for your recipients. Design creations that renew those memories for a lifetime.

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Appreciation awards: wording examples

Figuring out how to best express thoughts of gratitude can be difficult. To celebrate your team members, you can use the following text examples to personalize your awards.

  • You’ve always been an inspiring role model for the team.
  • We greatly value your ongoing dedication to our organization.
  • I respect and admire your enthusiasm and integrity.
  • You demonstrate the power of a diligent team player.
  • Your contributions to our company are invaluable.
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Award Wording: Best Practices

To guide you in naming your recognition program, consider the following tips.

  • Make it personal. For instance, use “you” to focus on the individual being honored. Also, incorporate what you specifically appreciate about that person.
  • Keep it simple. Ensure that people easily understand the purpose of the program, after hearing or reading its name. Also, it’s important that the wording complements the design.
  • Involve your brand. Company branded concepts use organizational slogans, characters, values, and more to celebrate a business. Also, your team easily unites around branded content.
  • Have fun. Although appreciation should be sincere, it can also be fun. You can use words to bring a smile to a recipient’s face.
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Appreciation Awards: Award Name Examples

Deciding the wording for custom awards is an important task. That’s why we’ve listed ideas for appreciation award names, to help inspire you.

  • Making a Difference Awards
  • Amazement Awards
  • Employee Excellence Awards
  • Thank You Awards
  • Emerging Leader Awards

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How to create an appreciation award

There are many details to finalize when it comes to creating a tangible award from a concept. However, we’ve simplified the steps of the award creation process.

  1. Determine the goal of the award. This will help you name the piece and brainstorm design ideas.
  2. Collaborate with our creative design With them, you will decide the award name, wording, and design.
  3. Make adjustments before production starts. When partnering with us, you will have the chance to review an art proof and to request changes.

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Types of appreciation awards

As there are many types of recognition, there are countless types of appreciation awards. Generally, if you have a vision, then it can be made into an award. However, browsing different types helps inspire a recognition program.

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Appreciation award plaque

Personalized appreciation plaques are convenient for many reasons.

  • They are easily customized for each recipient.
  • They can be displayed in offices, inspiring others to be recognized.
  • They fit various styles, whether that be classic or modern.
Appreciation Award Certificate

Appreciation award certificate

Certification programs are well suited for celebrating specific achievements and skills. You can even use award certificates to commemorate office superlatives. Lastly, certificates pair well with employee incentive programs, by capturing staff members’ accomplishments.

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Appreciation trophy award

Trophy awards celebrate the best and inspire the next generation of achievers. When paired with genuine words of appreciation, a trophy gives employees something to hoist into the air for others to admire. It reminds them of the good work they’ve done and motivates a team to continue working hard.

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Years of service awards

By honoring employee work anniversaries, years of service awards are consistent and inspiring. With a reward in mind, team members look forward to celebrating their personal milestones. Generally, the award or gift grows in significance, the longer an employee has been with a company.

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Leadership awards

Every team has a special role model – that person who focuses efforts and encourages achievement. Leadership awards celebrate the driving forces of an organization. Additionally, these recognition pieces do a great job of commemorating veteran employees and emerging leaders.

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Sales awards

To praise excellence and to inspire growth, sales trophies and awards are made especially for your sales team. Whether you create a quarterly recognition program or President’s Club, your salespeople will appreciate your effort. Also, they’ll be motivated to grow and achieve more.

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Safety awards

Dedication to a healthy and safe work environment deserves genuine recognition. Safety awards honor those committed to continuous improvement. Without their hard work, the rest of a business could not flourish.

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Other types of awards

Cristaux offers a diverse array of awards, and our team is always eager to create something new. Consider the following types of awards for further inspiration.

  • Employee of the month or year
  • Achievement or performance awards
  • Merit or behavior awards
  • Retirement gifts
  • Innovation awards
  • Peer-to-peer recognition

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How to establish an employee appreciation program in your company

Developing an employee recognition program is critical for an organization’s success. It promotes well-being and increases productivity and loyalty. Whether you’re using appreciation awards or another creation, you can follow the steps below to create your program.

  1. Identify the goal of the program, what you’d like to improve or recognize.
  2. Decide how you will celebrate recipients and honorees.
  3. Organize the logistics of the program, perhaps with the help of a recognition vendor.
  4. Execute the program and share it with your team.
  5. Evaluate the program’s success and make needed changes.

Honor your employees with appreciation awards by Cristaux

Appreciation awards inspire greatness, whether that be improved engagement or stronger relationships. With our comprehensive solutions, the Cristaux team is eager to help you create the perfect program for your organization. We’re ready to bring your recognition dream to life. Trust us with your vision, and we will deliver.

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