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Sales Trophy

Unique custom sales trophies

The Cristaux team is there to support you in all essential steps — from designing your high-end sales trophy to shipping it to the right place. With our innovative in-house solutions and our constant desire to improve  what we do, we make your vision come to life.

We make sure that our custom sales trophies and awards embody the idea and brand of each of our clients. With our unique creations we help you recognize your best performers in sales.

Sales Award Metal

Sales trophies: Praise excellence with intention

Sales trophies are for those who manage the extraordinary and achieve the ambitious. The best salespeople demand intentional recognition. Honoring their hard work will

  • protect loyalty
  • strengthen your culture
  • grow your brand

Most importantly, your recognition program must be designed with purpose. Here at Cristaux, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your greatest sales recognition potential. From fundamentals to award ideas, we have your back. Explore the possibilities and enhance your recognition program today.

Case Study

Machined Aluminum with Anodized Black Base

Sego Award

What are sales trophies?

Sales trophies are a form of recognition for the top performers of your organization. Recipients achieve outstanding sales results and show dedication. When your team shatters sales goals, make sure to celebrate with innovative creations. We can create a design special for your brand, achievements, and values.

Sales Award Crystal And Glas

Custom sales trophy – wording ideas dedicated to brand growth

When designing your sales trophy, it’s crucial to consider how the recipient will be recognized. Our team works hard to distinguish each unique award with a one-of-a-kind design. To personalize your recognition piece, you may want to include some of the following details.

  • Award name
  • Recipient name
  • Company name
  • Year
  • Company values
  • Performance measures or results

By working with us, we will create a strategic and concise message. It’s important to also consider how other elements of the piece can express meaning. Materials and functionality play a vital role in how your recognition is received.

Check out this case study to see how Cristaux does wording.

Personalized Sales Award

Reward your best performers with sales achievement awards by Cristaux

We forge something extraordinary for every occasion. Custom awards by Cristaux are a product of genuine excitement for your story. Unique sales awards start with redefining recognition. Inspired by your vision and imagining all that is possible, each sales award we design is a direct extension of your organization’s personality. Empowered by cutting-edge techniques and precision, we are committed to our craft.

Sales Awards Gifts

Sales trophies: Gifts

Congratulate your high achievers with custom gifts. Innovative gifts offer more options for your awards program. They can easily take on different purposes and functions. Your employees can suit up with custom lapel pins or travel in style with company-branded luggage tags. With Cristaux, the possibilities are endless.

Sales Awards Plaques

Sales trophies: Plaques

Highly personalized, plaques focus on the recipient experience. This type of recognition typically rewards an individual or group for impressive sales efforts. Plaques decorate your space for two purposes: celebrate sales milestones and motivate ongoing success. Although this form of recognition is traditional, we love reinventing and modernizing this type of sales award.

Sales Awards Certificates

Sales trophies: Certificates

A sales award certificate is an official document recognizing the contribution or achievement of sales members or teams. At Cristaux, we have elevated basic certificates into whole certification programs. We are not limited by traditional papers. Rather, we create certificates inspired by unique shapes and sourced from the highest grade of crystal.

Case Study

Thomson Reuters

Glass Sales Awards

Glass sales trophies

Glass is a classic and high-quality material. It lends itself well to various designs and occasions, easily conveying ambition or playfulness. This strong material is a great option for clean and simple recognition pieces. Any glass piece can be elevated with elegant etching.

Crystal Sales Awards

Crystal sales trophies

Offering incredible clarity and refraction, crystal is a truly dazzling material. Easy to sculpt and cut, it is a flexible choice for any concept. We use grade “A” optical crystal to deliver high-quality and brilliant pieces. Learn more about the differences between crystal and aluminum or crystal and glass.

Limitless potential with Cristaux

We have a vast array of programs, materials, and techniques. With these offerings, we ensure to exceed your expectations and take your program to new heights. If you’re looking for other great ways to recognize your sales staff, Cristaux has built the roadmap to success.

Check out these ideas for sales team motivation

PAB Awards Crystal

Sales recognition awards categories and examples

Given the wide range of sales accomplishments, it only makes sense to have a matching selection of award categories. The responsibilities of a sales team are diverse. As the profession has changed, so have the types of honors.

Create your unique sales trophies by Cristaux

Dare to dream with us. Let’s reward the valuable employees driving those sales numbers. Celebrate your culture and commemorate the game changers. While you detail the vision for your sales awards, we’ll manage the manufacturing, shipping, and delivery. To ensure a seamless program, we offer

1. Rapid prototyping
2. Drop shipping
3. Microsite management
4. Inventory management

Build your culture with Cristaux, and you and your team will reap the benefits.