Case Study


Sprint Corporation was a leading mobile network provider in the United States. Since then, it was acquired by T-Mobile US in April 2020. In this new partnership, it continues to provide its customers with fast and reliable telecommunications.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Sales Awards

ITA Sprint Crystal Vega1

The Challenge

Sprint specifically desired a simple, yet brand-focused award. The awards were meant to recognize the corporation’s elite via a circle of achievement.

ITA Sprint Crystal Vega2

The Solution

The team decided to create these custom awards using grade “A” optic crystal. We wanted the awards to have a different effect to them, so we invert etched the Spring logo on the back side of the award. This means that we ultimately sandblasted everything except the logo, creating a unique backdrop effect. We then sandblasted and color filled the front using their PMS yellow color. Overall, the awards turned out to be simple, yet independently creative.

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