Types of Leadership Awards to Honor the Best

Samantha Mikos

Everyone has a role model or everyday superhero they look up to. We all have that one person who we’ll always be grateful for. The leaders in our lives deserve to know how much they mean to us and what outstanding achievements they’ve inspired. Leadership awards are designed with the greatest people in mind.

Regardless of status, everyone deserves to be recognized. From new team members to veteran executives, everyone can show qualities of strong leadership. Luckily, leadership awards are fit for any and every recipient. With countless types of employee recognition to choose from, the leaders in your life can feel truly appreciated in the way best suited for them.

Leadership Awards: Meaning

Leadership awards honor achievements of any background. Recipients are celebrated for their positive impact on others and the world around them. Different qualities to highlight in your award recognition include communication, enthusiasm, and problem-solving. When positioned to focus on leadership, an employee recognition program can inspire staff members to seek promotions or to take on new projects.

Top 10 Types of Leadership Awards

With a clear vision in mind, you can bring any recognition program to life. Narrowing the focus of an award will help detail the design and event. Consider the following types of leadership awards. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, browse our portfolio of custom creations.

1. Lifetime Achievement

Lifetime achievement awards are reserved for people who have developed an indispensable career for a team, organization, or industry. Honorees are pillars of their community. Their contributions cannot go unnoticed. Perhaps the most popular lifetime achievement award is presented at the Grammys. Notable recipients include The Beatles, Run-D.M.C., and Selena.

Lifetime achievement award recipient

2. Industry-Specific Leadership

Leaders exist in every field. From nursing to engineering, every industry can create custom awards to honor innovators, ringleaders, and pioneers. For example, Cristaux designed the Healthcare Distribution Association’s award statues to celebrate achievements in the distribution industry.

3. Business Leadership

Business leadership awards commemorate outstanding people in business. The perfect honoree makes big moves and takes big risks. Their presence in the office is essential to an organization’s identity. When the time comes, you can celebrate your team’s leaders with custom retirement gifts. For the perfect send off, honor all that they have achieved with a special and tangible award.

4. Social Change Award

Those who dedicate their careers to community service and humanitarian efforts are truly inspiring. Social change awards honor them and their effect on others. For instance, you can honor social leaders with a certification program. You can give them custom awards or plaques for exceeding standards and advocating for others.

Custom sales manager leadership award

5. Research Awards

Leading minds deserve recognition for uncovering exceptional findings. Their dedication and contributions can be commended with flawless awards made of high-quality materials. For example, research awards may honor scientific discoveries or technological advancements.

6. Emerging Leader Awards

To improve employee retention, make sure to recognize your newest staff members. Emerging leader awards showcase exciting talent and make new team members feel valued and included. Also, you can make this award represent one category of a larger employee recognition program.

7. Executive Leadership

Executive teams and leaders work hard, inspire others, and care deeply for their team. By honoring exemplary CEOs and other chief positions, leadership awards reflect a healthy company culture and motivate others to grow. Also, you can celebrate the leaders of different teams and encourage recognition within each department.

8. Manager Awards

Managers give structure to a business and its team. From training new hires to resolving issues, managers and supervisors are essential to employee growth and satisfaction. Those who excel deserve to be recognized and praised. If your organization is large enough, then you can begin a manager-of-the-month program to celebrate your hard-working team members.

9. Sales Awards

To applaud your top achievers, you can present sales trophiesDifferent types of recognition pieces include deal toys and president’s club awards. Additionally, public recognition will inspire other employees to push harder and achieve more.

Real estate sales crystal awards

10. Integrity Awards

Every organization has core values guiding its team. Examples include grit, excellence, and curiosity. Integrity awards celebrate those who encapsulate a company’s central themes. Every day, they show up and show others how to represent the business. To take it one step further, you can incorporate company values into your award design like we did for Activision.

How to Make Leadership Awards

With the help of a trustworthy recognition partner, creating leadership awards can be fun and easy. Follow these steps for a general idea of the awards creation process.

1. Collaborate on the design

You can consult with a creative design team to figure out the materials, concept, and personalization details of your pieces. Dream big and bring your design to life. At Cristaux, you can use rapid prototyping to have a sample in your hands before production starts. This way, you can touch and interact with your piece and become more confident in your program.

Creative Wacom Tablet Drawing

2. Finalize program details

You will confirm the personal details of each award. How will the awards be engraved? What will be engraved? You may be asked to provide recipient names, addresses, and other program details.

3. Ship the pieces

You can work with logistics experts to get your pieces packaged and shipped wherever they’re needed. For instance, you can use Cristaux’s drop shipping solution to send personalized gift packages and awards to individual recipients’ addresses. Shipping fragile pieces packaging

Learn more about Cristaux’s awards creation process.

Leaders Need Recognition Too

Often, leaders are the ones organizing recognition programs. However, now is their time to shine. You can honor those who came before you and who’ve built you up to succeed. Leadership awards celebrate the best with the most excellent designs and materials. Your role models have achieved so much and have worked so hard for this moment of congratulations, so make it a moment they won’t ever forget.

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