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Wooden trophy with metal cut out bull wrapped around. Digital print on the wood.

Premium Quality Meets Distinct Personality

Like snowflakes, each piece of wood has its own character. From color to grain pattern to texture, wood provides each project with a truly unique look. Wooden trophies and awards recognize diverse accomplishments while celebrating this sustainable and simply beautiful material.

At Cristaux International, we are dedicated to working with wood, to accentuate its best features while honoring your program. Through our creation process, we carefully decide how to execute your design. Regardless of the type of trophy you’re looking for, we ensure to personalize and actualize your vision with great care and precision.

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Wood base with laser etched logo on the frontside. Gold star components attached on top to replicate logo.

Unique wooden trophies by Cristaux

Cristaux International is one of a kind because we are dedicated to modernizing recognition and upholding high standards of excellence. Gone are the days of faulty awards. Our team revamps wooden trophies by sourcing exclusive types of lumber, pairing them with other award materials, and more. Our wide selection includes walnut, pine, cherry, and zebrawood. Each offers a distinguished effect, separating it from other type.

We are in the business of elevating your recognition program while respecting your vision and budget. We are excited to take on new challenges and to learn what is possible for wooden trophies and awards.

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Case Study

Four Seasons Resort & Club

Wood pillar trophy painted black. Metal plate personalized and attached.

How to create a wooden trophy

During the creative design process, we dream. Through production, we make your dream come true. To create a wooden trophy or award, we follow the proceeding process.

  1. Collaborating with your designer and manufacturer, you select which type of wood to work with.
  2. Your awards materials are procured and delivered to the manufacturer.
  3. Artisans shape the wooden piece by cutting, sanding, and more. Which techniques they use is determined by the design and wood type.
  4. The wood is finished by staining, glazing, and more.
  5. The creation is completed when all parts are personalized, finished, and assembled.

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Types of wooden trophies

Custom awards reflect their special event and showcase what makes that event one of a kind. Different programs honor diverse traditions, tell exceptional stories, and often feature a trophy with a unique purpose.

Wooden award plaque with metal strip attached to frontside.

Wooden trophy: plaques

Wooden award plaques honor individual achievements with classic style. Wood can be used to frame the honoree’s details. Another possibility is to fashion the whole piece from wood, ditching the typical frame and opting for a metal plate to spotlight the details. We’ll help you rethink what is possible for your type of recognition.

Wood base with crystal panels, and metal football. Sports college football trophy USC Trojans

Wooden trophy: cup

A wooden trophy cup is quintessential to sports like cricket and football. It is the center of celebration. A wooden base is commonly used for metal trophy cups. Also, the most popular wood for a base is walnut because of its strength, rich color, and smooth finish.

Wooden award plaque cut into the shape of a shield. Metal personalized plate attached to the frontside.

Wooden trophy: shield

Wooden trophy shields are like plaques because they conveniently commemorate accomplishments. They can be easily personalized with the recipients in mind. Whether designing a sales trophy or a service award program, trophy shields and plaques work exquisitely.

Wood base with metal personalization plate. Crystal eagle on top

Wooden bases for sculptures

Custom award statues need a base to support and balance their intricate designs. Wood makes an excellent base for custom sculpture awards because of its durability and refined appeal. For inspiration, look to the Benny Award Statues and see the importance of a strong vision and exemplary execution.

Wood panel deal toy with logo etched into wood. Crystal front panel. Leather base

Wooden deal toys

Deal toys are often made from crystal or acrylic. However, wooden deal toys offer a unique class and artistry. Wood can be used as the base or main face of the award. Either way, your deal toys and financial tombstones will stand out from the rest.

Wood block with metal plate bent around corner. Metal plate is personalized

Personalized wooden trophies

Handmade wooden trophies are made special with a personal touch. To accommodate any vision, there are countless ways to customize wooden trophies and awards.

  • Laser engrave and color fill the wood
  • Adhere a metal plate digitally printed with details
  • Incorporate company branded logos, colors, values, and more
  • Include information about honorees, the event, or business deals

Showcase your brand with custom wooden trophies by Cristaux

Wood is an unrivalled material, but your brand and story are what make your wooden trophies special. If you’d like to work with the committed Cristaux team, then we can’t wait to guide you through the creation process. Whether you’re looking for custom plaques or award statues, we are excited and privileged to be trusted with your vision.

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