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New York sky scraper 2 ft tall crystal building replica

Creations Unique to Your Story

We all have places and landmarks that are special to us. Whether closing a business deal or completing construction, your team’s accomplishments can be exemplified with building replicas. These creations turn your achievements into something tangible, an award or gift for you to hold and cherish. Feel the weight of your success and relish in the commemoration.

With years of experience, our team will confidently guide you through the creation process. Whether it is seeking out distinct material choices or pulling inspiration from famous building replicas, the Cristaux team has you covered.

Miami hotel crystal building replica on base with digital print details

One of a kind building replicas by Cristaux

At Cristaux International, not only do we distill every element of your architectural design, but we also infuse your journey and values into your final piece. Whether incorporating your company brand or executing details with precision, we will never stop short of excellence. These custom awards and gifts capture your current success and your vision for the future.

Miniature building replicas made from selected materials

Each material brings unique character to every building and product replica. For example, wooden building replicas convey a strong and natural effect, while crystal building replicas can depict a classy, sleek look. Discover more about what different award materials can be used for your design.

Crystal building replica deal toy on black personalized base

Crystal building replicas

At Cristaux, we specialize in crystal building replicas. Since our founding, we’ve made this material our namesake. It guarantees a timeless and state-of-the-art design, and when in our hands, we ensure a striking effect. Whether engraved with personal information or etched with design details, crystal awards are strong and stunning.

gold and black metal miniature building replica

Metal building replicas

Whether polished or matte, metal can quickly elevate any design. Also, it’s the perfect choice for adding details and accents to your piece. It pairs well with other materials like crystal and wood. While we know the weight of an award matters, metal can be a trusty choice when seeking a building replica that portrays value and prestige.

Crystal building replica deal toy on marble base

Stone and marble building replicas

Stone and marble portray a high caliber of style to your building replica. Additionally, this material is often used as the base of a design because of its strength and weight. At Cristaux, we’ll work with you to choose the type of stone that best fits your vision to reflect your brand.

Chicago merchandise Mart crystal building replica

Miniature building replicas of famous buildings

At Cristaux, we do not sell stock pieces of miniature replicas of famous buildings. Instead, we specialize in select creations for unique clients. You can learn more about the noteworthy buildings we have replicated:

Crystal Chicago Trump building replica

Creating custom building replicas: how it works

Throughout our creation process, the Cristaux team highly honors your vision by perfectly executing every detail of your concept. To create a custom building replica, you will follow these steps:

  1. You meet with one of our account managers to discuss the details of your project like budget and quantity needed. We need to know this information to design a replica within your price point.
  2. Our creative team develops a design based on the building’s blueprints and dimensions.
  3. During the design process, prototypes and renderings are provided upon request. Once you approve of the final design, we begin production.
  4. We complete quality control for each finished piece.
  5. We ship the pieces to their final destinations and ensure safe deliveries and complete satisfaction.

To learn more about our award creation process, read this blog post.

Case Study

Ritz-Carlton Residences

Does Cristaux offer product replicas as well?

Yes, Cristaux offers product replicas. These custom projects are unique to each client and highly detailed.
Whether branding a replica with a consumer packaged good or utilizing logo recreation in your replica design, the possibilities for product replicas are endless.
Our portfolio details many more specifics that include safety product replicas, company themed replicas, and more.

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After learning about the different materials and the building replicas creation process, you’re ready to start imagining one for yourself. Partner with Cristaux to start exploring your options and refining your vision. Now is the time to celebrate your organization in a way special to you and your team.

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