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bronze resin buffalo statue

Resin Awards for Big Events

Resin awards can complement any recognition program. Resin is a very flexible material, bending to diverse concepts and budgets. At Cristaux International, we take great pride in our high-quality creations. Inspired to provide every organization with meaningful recognition pieces, we’d like to share our expertise on resin awards.

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Resin triangle on crystal base. Acid etched words on front face

Unique resin awards by Cristaux

We’ve worked hard to develop a comprehensive customer service experience. We believe in the positive impact of recognition and that an effective recognition program should be affordable for all. With this mission in mind, we offer cost-effective options like resin awards.

Our resin awards are special because we are committed to modernizing recognition. We look forward to creating something new and unique with each client.

Case Study

3D Print + Metal Shopping Bag Product Replica

abstract resin award

What is a resin trophy/award?

A resin trophy or award is a recognition piece made from resin, a type of plastic. These pieces are denser than 3D printed trophies and carry a greater weight. However, molding resin awards cannot capture intricate details like 3D printing can. Resin awards and gifts are cost-effective, yet they can quickly age and lose clarity.

Bronze resin spartan statue being cleaned

How to create a resin award

A resin award’s manufacturing process is relatively simple when compared to that of other award materials like crystal or metal.

  1. We melt plastic.
  2. We pour the liquid plastic into a mold often made of silicone.
  3. We wait for the resin to solidify.
  4. We remove the solid pieces from the molds.
  5. We clean the pieces and finish them, perhaps by spray painting.

Manufacturing makes up just one part of our awards creation process. We never lose track of your vision during the design, production, and shipping of your pieces. We’ll make sure to perfectly realize your recognition program.

What occasions are resin awards good for?

Resin awards work best for cost-effective programs that order hundreds of recognition pieces. Because these types of programs order in mass quantities, oftentimes, they are coupled with a restrictive budget. Resin creations have a larger set-up cost because we need to develop a mold for production. However, the more you use the mold, the less it costs per unit.

The Cristaux team recommends pairing resin components with more premium materials.
This way, you can create pieces that will wow recipients, while respecting your budget. We are ready and eager to create any type of award or gift for you.

Benjamin Franklin gold resin statue

Custom Awards

Custom awards include event awards, sports trophies, and more. When using resin in your design, consider joining the molded piece with a neutral wood base.  For example, we fabricated the Benny Award Statues from resin and wood and heightened the piece’s design with an antique finish.

clear resin oil drum with oil embedded in middle

Deal Toys

Deal toys commemorate a business’s notable mergers, acquisitions, and more. At Cristaux, we most often use resin when we make the panels of a deal toy. These panels can be personalized to include logos, details of the deal, and more. However, we do not make many deal toys completely out of resin because these projects typically order a small number of awards. Creating a unique mold for a few pieces is not the most cost-effective option.

Resin shopping bag replica award

Building and Product Replicas

Molded resin awards work best for building and product replicas with a simplified design. Resin works best for a strong and simple design that will be used many times, but it cannot achieve the intricate details that 3D printing can.

Resin molded record mounted to plaque


Plaques look best when featuring different textures that are cohesive. A wooden frame and a polished resin element complement each other well. You can also tie in metallic details for a mesmerizing effect. By marrying materials, you can create a complex and elevated design.

Gold resin star trophy

Customized + engraved resin awards

At Cristaux, we customize resin awards with name plates. This way, we can easily personalize pieces with each recipient in mind. To use a name plate, you will need a flat base for the plate to adhere to. Additionally, when crafting the award’s mold, you can include a recessed portion where the name plate can fit into. Small details like these quickly heighten your recognition program and show others you care.

Showcase your brand with custom resin awards by Cristaux

Resin awards are a cost-effective choice for any recognition program. These creations can mold to many types of awards and can be customized to make your efforts special for each honoree. The Cristaux team can’t wait to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life.

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A 3D printed trophy is made by first sending a digital file of the award’s design to a 3D printer. The machine then prints one layer of resin at a time, and the layers are fused together. The complete piece is then polished and perhaps painted or electroplated.

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