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Honor Years of Service

Service awards are a remarkable way to encourage employee growth and retain top talent year over year. By acknowledging the time an employee has worked within your organization, you express that their hard work and dedication is not only appreciated but also rewarded.

Establish a program for your service awards today.

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Service awards by Cristaux

A service awards program is more than a tangible reward system. It is a way to honor the individuals that make waves in your business. It is a unique way to commemorate the milestones of the business. When done right, service awards can be a pivotal component to your company culture.

Our service awards are crafted to emulate these moments. They will showcase the great feat an employee has made and remind employees that the work they do matters. Above all else, our creations display a level of class beyond anything imaginable.

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What are service awards and what are they good for?

Service awards are a form of recognition that honors the time an employee has spent at an organization. Whether that be a 5-year mark, 10, or even 20, the time an employee spends working on your business is worth celebrating to the utmost degree.

These awards can also signify certain milestones an employee has achieved over the duration of their time with the company. Many organizations establish an awards program with a tangible form of recognition that will honor the milestones in a brand-specific way. Whether that be with company branded PMS coloring or a logo embedded into the design, we are ready to tackle any vision.

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How we can help you with your service awards

You dream it, we will build it. When it comes to your service awards program, our team is prepared to craft whatever your design idea may be. We’ll help you perfect your vision and bring out the highest potential outcome.

With our custom manufacturing, inventory management and in-house shipping processes, we will have your program covered from A to Z. That way, you always have inventory on hand to recognize the employees that help your business grow.

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Idea – design

When working with a design idea, each concept is unique and must be treated as so. With the Cristaux Creative Team, we work hard to bring out the best aspects of any design. We’ll match each concept with the most optimal materials and share alternative opportunities to meet the program needs and ensure that the end result is perfected beyond measure.

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With our systematic manufacturing processes, we take care of all of your program needs from design concept to completion. Our team will work with you to perfect your design manufacturing process. From our quality control department to our customer service mission statements, we are not happy until you are.

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Shipping with Cristaux is made easy with our in-house shipping processes. We take on the responsibility to ensure each piece is delivered with precision and care. Whether you choose to drop ship your service awards directly to recipient homes or bulk ship to an event you will be hosting, we have you covered.

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Inventory Management

When establishing a service awards program, it is important to uphold the standards of recognition, no matter the time of year. When the ground rules are set, they should stay consistent so that each employee is honored the same. This is why an inventory management service solution is optimal.

To ensure that awards are received at the proper timeline, the Cristaux Team will house all inventory necessary for the upcoming two years. This way, no employee is waiting too long to receive their service awards, and each individual enjoys the same level of attention and care.

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Raytheon Badge Clips

Best practices and ideas for service awards

When crafting your years of service awards program, it’s important to align your appreciation with the milestones that make a difference. Some employees come and go, but the ones that stay for a longer duration of time are worthy of a recognition that matches their work ethic and efforts.

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5 and 10 Years of Service Awards

Employees that work with your company for five to ten years have put in a lot of time to help build your brand’s success. Reward these employees with a recognition piece that ties them to the work they have put in. Whether it is a company branded piece or a logo recreation, you cannot go wrong with an award design that highlights their work.

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20 Years of Service Awards

Individuals that have worked with your business for twenty years know what it takes to bring the company to the next level, and in turn, they put in the time to create those paths of success. These employees must be recognized with an award that represents not only the brand, but also their specific department. Use personalization to reward special titles that resonate with the employee of honor.

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30 Years of Service Awards and Higher

Anyone that has worked with a company for thirty years or longer can truly be considered the veterans of your business. These are the people that have put their life on the line for the brand, and they should be recognized by something that celebrates them specifically. Mark the moment with service awards shaped like the number of impactful years they have been with the company or make it a functional award such as champagne flutes or luggage tags that they can use for years to come.

Reward your employees with customized service awards

A service awards program is a unique and important way to not only honor the team members that make an impact on your business but to showcase their work to the entire company. It is vital to recognize these individuals to retain top talent and ensure the future success of the business.

The Cristaux Team will make your awards order process seamless, from A to Z. No matter how intricate your program may be, you can count on us to deliver the quality experience your recipients deserve.

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The criteria for a service award can range depending on the brand and company culture. An organization may choose to honor individuals for completing one year of service, or they may choose to reserve this honor for employees that work for a longer period of time.

A service award is a form of recognition that businesses deploy depending on the duration of time they have spent working at a company. Typically, an organization will honor an employee on the day of their work anniversary with a service award.

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