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Metal Custom Statue. Blank Stock Sculpture Sample

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Custom sculpture awards perfectly capture an organization’s story within a classic design. Even some of the most famous awards feature a custom sculpture. Create something special and stunning for your program. To bring striking award statues to life, you’ll need a trustworthy vendor, a vast collection of materials to choose from, and consistent customer support. We are committed to realizing modern and meaningful recognition programs.

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Atlas sculpture holding crystal personalized

Custom sculpture awards by Cristaux

Custom sculpture awards are beautiful when done right. The best creations are designed, fabricated, personalized, and shipped with excellence guiding each step. Impactful award sculptures can be developed with any budget, timeline, and vision in mind. Our team stops at nothing to do whatever we need to make your program special. Elevate your program with innovative and state-of-the-art concepts.

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Geometric Crystal Obelisk – Aluminum Base

Materials for custom sculpture awards

Whether making sculpture awards or other creations, leading recognition experts use the best materials for custom awards. The quality of your awards is extremely important because it reflects your character and values. Partner with a vendor who will make sure that your recognition pieces wow, impress, and last for a long time. With our vast range of premium materials, we will make your program shine.

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Wood Block Sculpture painted white

Custom wooden sculpture awards

A wooden trophy is strong and classic. By using wood, an award highlights natural textures and incorporates warmth into the design. For instance, you can work with walnut, pine, or cherry varieties to create a base for award sculptures. Also, the wood can be stained or glazed to enhance its unique beauty.

Resin custom sculpture gold personalization on base

Resin sculpture awards

Known for being practical, resin awards can be easily molded to fit any design vision. This material is cost effective, but it can age more quickly than other choices. Additionally, resin can be used to create 3D printed trophies and elements. 3D printing machines help bring seemingly impossible designs to life.

Bronze bull award sculpture

Bronze sculpture awards

Bronze sculpture awards are extremely impactful in weight and design. Just like other metal awards, bronze creations show great sophistication. For a sleek and strong concept, metal is the way to go. If bronze doesn’t fulfil your vision, then consider aluminum, various alloys, or gold.

Olympic Glass Sculpture Award Crystal panels

Crystal sculpture awards

When looking for elegant and radiant designs, turn to custom crystal awards. Whether colored or clear, crystal will elevate any custom sculpture award. Perhaps it’s sculpted or serves as the award base. Regardless of its function, crystal will prove its brilliance in every design.

Clear and blue acrylic custom sculpture award

Acrylic sculpture awards

Acrylic awards are known for their flexibility. This material can take on different shapes, colors, and budgets. Consider using Lucite, the industry’s leading acrylic. To create custom sculptures of a high quality, this premium material will not disappoint.

Glass molding manufacturing sculpture

From design to customization: What makes our awards unique

Besides crafting awards to perfection, the Cristaux team creates innovative recognition programs. We are determined to provide excellent customer service and to support our clients’ growth. Powered by grit and mastery, we are in the business of recognition development. From design to production to fulfillment, we will never compromise greatness.

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Heart figure metal award sculpture gold an silver

Limitless design possibilities

Our team is dedicated to developing the perfect design for your awards. Whether meeting our account managers or collaborating with our creative design engineers, you will be supported. We’re eager to create a special design for your vision, timeline, and budget. From custom concepts to stock pieces, there are endless options for your program.

Meta abstrac sculpture on crystal base

Different materials

Although crystal is our namesake, we work with local and global vendors so that we can offer you countless materials. Our large variety appeals to different budgets and empowers you to create the recognition program of your dreams. From metal to acrylic and wood, our materials are of the highest quality because we believe in upholding excellent standards.

Podcast Academy Ambie Golden Mics Statue Microphone Figure Gold

Shipping options

Cristaux is the ultimate one-stop shop for your recognition needs. Beyond designing and fabricating, we also provide diverse shipping options. Particularly, our drop shipping solution allows you to directly send your recognition pieces to individual recipient addresses. Also, we can personalize your packaging and complete all kitting for you. We’re here to relieve your logistical headaches.

Serpant sculpture award gold

Program management

Cristaux wants to support you for the long run. Our inventory management and microsite management take your stress off your shoulders. First, we can store your pieces and personalize and ship them as needed. Second, we can create and maintain a website for your dedicated program.

Patte de verre dove sculpture

Personalized sculptures

Personalization gives awards and trophies an identity. Every day, we create personalized awards by using various methods best suited for different materials and budgets. Additionally, we can incorporate any text or image to make a trophy or gift unique. Consider including the following information in your personalized sculptures.

  • Recipient name
  • Program name
  • Organization name
  • Year of program
  • Inspirational quote
  • Company logo and colors
Case Study

Zinc Alloy Gold Coated Statue

Honor your employees with custom sculpture awards by Cristaux

When made from premium materials and produced by recognition experts, custom sculpture awards speak volumes about an organization. From telling a brand’s story to recognizing hard-working people, custom awards do so much to uplift a business. To begin creating with Cristaux, you can contact our team. Through our awards creation process, we will support you and never lose track of your vision.

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Yes, Cristaux offers custom wood trophies. By working with our vast network of vendors, we can source unique varieties of wood for award designs. At Cristaux, we love to pair different materials to create one-of-a-kind concepts. Consider other materials to complement and enhance wooden trophies.

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