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Beautifully designed and precisely fabricated custom medals can inspire success of all kinds. Whether they’re used as service awards or custom sales awards, medallions can adapt to any vision or program. For e-sports champions and veteran employees alike, these pieces are more than tokens of appreciation. They are mementos that honor achievement. From a design’s inception to the moment honorees receive the creations, award medals evolve and pay tribute to greatness.

Crossfit Medallions
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Custom medals by Cristaux

Our customized medals are creations of great versatility. We invest in the best materials, designers, and tools because we want the best for our clients.  Our awards uphold high standards of excellence and represent our mission to redefine and modernize recognition. Whether made for decades-long traditions or inventive certifications, Cristaux medals serve many meaningful programs.

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What are custom medals?

Custom medals are award medallions that showcase a truly unique design. They are one of a kind and specially made for an organization and brand. These custom awards may act as corporate gifts, sporting trophies, President’s club awards, and more. Well-crafted medals can

  • serve as the centerpiece for events and competitions
  • grow brand awareness
  • elevate recognition programs
  • build strong relationships with award recipients

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How to order customized medals & custom medallions

To bring recognition pieces to life, we provide our clients with excellent customer service. There are many moving parts to ordering custom award medals. From our first contact to the day your custom medallions arrive, we will support you through every step.

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When first meeting with our team, we’ll discuss all the components that go into creative design. We want to get a clear idea of your vision, budget, and timeline. One of the main components of creative design is the adaptation of a product, seeing a single idea transform into a tangible piece of recognition. Another big factor in the final design is the material.  With our help, you can discover which materials will bring your program to its highest potential.



Our production team will use state-of-the-art machinery and years of expertise to fabricate beautiful medals. Additionally, our standards of excellence will guide our check for quality. We want nothing less than the best for our clients, so we will work hard to deliver perfection. Also, we can achieve your program’s vision by adding different attachments and ribbons. Whether fabricating luggage tags or challenge coins, we can create what you are looking for.

Twitch Medallions
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Twitch Medallions



Personalized awards elevate any recognition effort and create an unforgettable experience for honorees. After all, personalized medals must be special enough to honor some truly great feats. At Cristaux, our team will help you decide which information to feature on the medals. Then, our production experts will personalize each piece with great attention to detail. For example, sports medals may require different text for various categories.  Differentiation like this celebrates all deserving achievers.



Cristaux’s proprietary drop shipping solution lets you never worry about shipping logistics again. Our team will package, send, and track every parcel to any global destination. Our in-house process allows us to send awards to individual recipients at their homes or offices. For instance, we can ship service medals to remote employees on their work anniversaries.


Personalized & engraved custom medals

The Cristaux team is equipped and eager to personalize awards. Our resident experts can etch, engrave, and print details unique to each recipient. This way, you can make each deserving honoree feels special. Whether creating engraved awards or branded presentation boxes, personalization is what elevates recognition and makes it meaningful. By choosing unique colors or printing text, we can also personalize ribbons to enhance your creation. Go the extra mile to advance your program.

Recognize excellence with custom medals by Cristaux

By creating custom medallions with Cristaux, you will discover what it’s like to work with a trustworthy and innovative vendor. We will support you through each step of our creation process to make custom medals that will inspire greatness.  Give your recipients the one-of-a-kind recognition they deserve.

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The cost of making a custom medal depends on different factors like materials, quantity needed, and required delivery date. Regardless, there are many cost-effective solutions that make custom work worthwhile. Collaborate with the trusted Cristaux team in our virtual showroom to begin designing.

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