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gold and silver body and heart award statues on black base

Create Your Own Tradition

Recognizing industry leaders and game-changers, award statues are associated with prestige, timelessness, and influence. Here at Cristaux, we love to celebrate outstanding achievements with striking designs. Motivated by ingenuity, our team creates innovative pieces by using diverse award materials and custom engraving. If you’re eager to bring your vision to life, we’re ready to realize that concept for you.

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dove award statue with pate de verre color decoration method

choose success with award statues made by cristaux

When designing and manufacturing custom award statues, we know that the power is in the details. Whether recreating a traditional piece or developing a new concept, we execute the production of every award with great precision. From choosing materials to enhancing features, expertise and innovative thinking drive our craft.

Case Study

Logo Recreation Stone Statue

Custom awards, trophies + statues

The Cristaux team develops custom awards for each client. As every vision is different, so is every piece we produce. We have vast material offerings and diverse types of recognition like building replicas and select creations. Explore your options and imagine how you want to tell your story.

clear crystal cross statue with blue base

Glass + crystal awards

Glass and crystal awards are sophisticated and timeless. Crystal is our most popular material and transforms any award into a modern, state-of-the-art masterpiece. If you are looking for a contemporary custom statue, then consider pairing crystal and metalCheck out this custom award statue for inspiration.

gold award statue woman on marble base

Gold awards

Gold awards exhibit great prestige and class. Some of the most famous awards are produced with this exceptional metal. This material may be polished for a brilliant shine or antiqued for a one-of-a-kind look. Gold is an exceptional fit for any striking and high-quality award.

bronze video statue trophy

Bronze awards

Bronze awards offer great weight and glory. This material can be used to cast a personal milestone award or a custom statue etched with your organization’s logo. Company branded concepts are possible for all types of materials. With engraved bronze, your award is guaranteed to make a statement.

laser cut acrylic hope award

Acrylic awards

Acrylic awards are versatile, high quality, and resilient. Considering how well it pairs with other textures and its vast color choices, acrylic offers immense variety. This flexibility allows for groundbreaking and creative design. Acrylic brings innovative visions to life.

Case Study

Smithsonian Ingenuity


Trophy engraving + personalization by cristaux

How can custom engraving be realized? At Cristaux, we use various techniques to engrave awards. This includes sandblasting and laser engraving. We personalize many different materials like crystal, metal, and acrylic. We often decide how to engrave an award based on the material used. We also offer on-site engraving as a part of our white-glove service.

Beyond engraving, we also personalize awards by using other methods. Tactics include etching, color fill, and digital printing. Every day, we demonstrate our value of custom recognition by refining and expanding our personalization techniques. Not only is our customization precise, but it is special to you, your team, and your vision.

Redefine recognition with award statues by Cristaux

At Cristaux International, the award statues we create are detailed and tailored to your story. Not one creation is the same, each representing a new tradition for every client. When you collaborate with us, our team provides you with excellent customer service. From design to manufacturing to delivery, we will support and realize your recognition program. Explore our comprehensive recognition awards.

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Award statues can be made from a variety of materials such as gold, acrylic, bronze, glass, and crystal.

Yes. With Cristaux, you can customize your award or trophy and can therefore choose the shape, size, material, engraving, etc.

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