America’s Beauty Show
Case Study

America’s Beauty Show

America’s Beauty Show is organized by Cosmetologists Chicago, an association representing the licensed professionals of the beauty industry. Like us, it exemplifies the importance of style and design.

Cristaux Metal Crystal Abstract Award 002


For their upcoming recognition program, the client came to us with the idea of an artistic statue with a spring-like effect. How would we create a whimsical shape out of rigid materials? We were excited to challenge the limits of our offerings, so we put on our sculptor hats and brainstormed.

Cristaux Metal Crystal Abstract Award 003


We soon realized there was no way to create a mold for this piece, so we curled, bent, and welded steel to produce a modern and intricate design. We could not use traditional mass production tools to achieve this unclonable effect, so we produced all 20 awards by hand. Our skilled craftsmen put in a lot of time and effort for this truly one-of-a-kind program.

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