Years of Excellence
EST 2007

Awarded ‘Excellence in Innovation’ by the Manufacturing & Technology leaders of the largest industrial region in the US.

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Cristaux is proud to be the Exclusive Recognition Provider of NASDAQ Recognizing the world’s game changers


Capturing the unique and iconic forms of recognition and exemplary achievement.

Our philosophy embodies expert craftsmanship, unmatched innovation and exacting skill at scale.

Custom Crystal Awards

We Stand For Authenticity

Cristaux’s attitude of mixing engineering with styling, allows for strategic collaborations with corporations worldwide - each with a story to capture and a unique set of needs and values. We continuously strive to align with global industry advances but also set our own trends and high standards. Inspired by form, factor and purity - intense precision and authenticity are created.

Turning sketch into reality...

Beautiful, meaningful, and made to last - Cristaux has spent years in pursuit and perfection of the ideal methods and materials to create artful brand-centric objects of recognition.

Our craft meets your story...

Behind every piece we design is a brand, a hero…a story. The timeless purity of our creations reflect these stories, highlighting the importance of enduring spirit and determination.

Manifesting inspiration...

Unceasing imagination and borderline obsessive attention to detail lead the Cristaux ethos that encompasses exquisite application of materials, enduring dedication and unrivaled craftsmanship.

Distinctly unique...

Made with only the highest quality, most innovative and carefully sourced materials, our custom collection and Lab delivers a wide range of expertly designed objects that bear our unmistakable trademark of optimum quality.

Built for the extraordinary...

Cristaux partners with extraordinary brands to celebrate outstanding achievements. Driven by unhindered opportunity, we seek brands and challenges that inspire.

A legacy forged...

From our roots to yours, every handcrafted piece embodies the Cristaux perspective of intrinsic longevity, art, science and modern innovation.