Modernizing Recognition

Be noticed. Be recognized. Be remembered. 

Custom Crystal Award Chicago High Rise Office Cristaux

Inspire Greatness By challenging The Status Quo

An award should be a reflection of greatness. A program should be as flawless as the performance it honors. Recognition should make a person or team feel recognized. They should match your commitment to genuine greatness. Settling for the status quo? That is not your way.

When you want to create something timelessly great, you need to turn to the team that settles for nothing less. To create personalized awards and recognition that are truly memorable, you deserve the team at Cristaux.

It’s your vision. It’s our passion to innovate for your future. It’s how to be recognized.

Custom recognition awards and programs that elevate your brand

Custom Crystal Award By Cristaux Black And White

Elevate the craft of recognition

Stand out. Separate yourself. Don’t just be different: seek out the difference. Seek something extraordinary. We do. That’s why we want to work with you.

At Cristaux, there is one driving philosophy: do something better for our clients. Give them the experience they deserve. Be a reflection of their commitment to greatness.

We love creating. We love engineering. We love experimenting. And most of all, we love delivering. Because we think you deserve it.

Your experience isn’t a product of luxury. It’s a product of hard work. Let’s do that work together.

Custom Awards that honor the Achievement

What did you accomplish? Groundbreaking acquisitions. Bottom-line-elevating handshakes. Buildings that will stand for centuries. Why settle for an award or monument that comes off a shelf? See what we have to offer.

Crystal And Wood Deal Toy 002

Financial Deal Toys

After the handshakes and signatures, your team deserves a tombstone equal to everyone’s accomplishments.


Building Replicas

Embody the heart and soul of what you built with a replica that accurately reflects your company.


Company Branded

You have a unique brand. We can capture and elevate its philosophy, spirit, drive, and what makes you unique.

Custom Blue Lucite Cupcake Replica By Cristaux

Select Creations

Capture attention. Stand out. Define a new idea. You can have a custom creation that is as astonishing as you.

Custom US Marine Brass Statue By Cristaux

Innovative visions that Create Greatness

It starts with design. It continues with manufacturing. It moves forward by capturing your brand.

Our end-to-end process is a blend of art and science, creative collaboration and grit. We create. We prototype. We experiment. We stay up late and get up early. We work with our local Chicago manufacturing partners to scale your program to any size.

You take pride in your brand. We take pride in creating something timeless for you. It’s more than our process: it’s our passion.

Custom Metal Cast Pixel Design Award By Cristaux

Unique Creations that invoke new standards

We are not interested in merely breaking the mold: we want you to have something that no one has ever seen. We want you to have something that stands out. We think you deserve to be remembered.

An innovative recognition program isn’t just about rewarding the past. It’s about building your future.

See our creations

A Partnership built on True Services and Solutions

When you manage your personalized award program, you manage everything. You have thousands of details. That is why we go above and beyond the actual award. We help you create your program and make sure that plans become exquisite reality. We are not your vendor. We are your partner in perfection.

Cristaux Designer Sketch Nasdaq Capsule Award

Creative Design

How will your program be run? What details elevate the experience? We bring our practical creativity to everything.

Cristaux Warehouse Inventory Management Boxes

Manage Inventory

Kitting, insertions, drop shipping, order tracking, and delivery. It is more than logistics. It is fulfillment at its best.

Client Drop Ship Delivery Notification From Cristaux

Drop Ship

Direct drop shipping is a simple and easy fix to avoid logistical headaches and keep quality control in-house.

Client Microsite Analytics Tracking From Cristaux

Microsite Creation

We build a brand-oriented microsite that handles orders, invoices, shipping, inquiries, and so much more.

Custom Crystal Construction Hat Replica By Cristaux

Rapid Prototyping So You Hold Something Real

You can look at a creation on a computer. But we think you should hold it in your hand.

Our rapid prototyping transforms an idea into reality, giving you an authentic feel for what your custom creation will look like. It’s more than a model. It’s engineered for value and scale. It’s engineered to work for your program and your requirements. And when you fall in love? It is ready to start production.

We know time is your competitor. We make it your ally.

Custom Recognition Never Stops


Hours of Sandblasting

Our production members steadfastly work to get complete each project, racking up countless hours of sandblasting per year.



Each year, our team of logistics experts source, pack and ship custom projects all across the globe.


Approximate Renderings

The creative gurus at Cristaux never cease to find inspiration to make each individually crafted rendering unique.


Happy Customers

We aren’t satisfied until the client is.
In our 13 years of business, we never miss an opportunity to make another customer happy.

Cristaux is by-far the best trophy/award vendor to work with in the United States. They took over operations for the National Premier Soccer League in 2019 and provided a superb level of customer service and product.

Jeff P.
National Premier Soccer League

Have Your Story Told With Craft, Creativity and Conviction

We believe in what we do. We believe that your recognition programs are part of your story. Let’s make it a memorable one. Let’s create together.

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