Case Study


The Nasdaq Stock Market is one of the leading stock exchanges in the United States. It is a prime provider of trading, public company services, and more.


The Challenge

As the technology that powers the world’s market operators, clearinghouses and regulators, Nasdaq sought to create a very specific and truly custom milestone award that captures the details behind an initial public offering. With an existing partnership between Nasdaq and Cristaux, it was essential to create consistency to align with a line of awards that Cristaux had recently developed, but highlighted the details of an IPO, inclusive of offering price, size, official opening price, and volume into one award.


The Solution

Using the very same material constructs as the iconic Cristaux designed, manufactured and managed Opening Bell award – this unique custom award is in a class all its own. With base and back panels made from machined aluminum, a walnut wood backing is applied to give the final design a sleek, modern feel. The details of each IPO are personalized on the day the company goes public with the award expedited to the recipient(s).

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