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Crystal financial tombstone with two panels on black base

Celebrate and Capture Your Moment

After months of hard work, you and your team closed a paramount deal. You cheer and toast to a job well done. This pivotal moment deserves to be remembered with a financial tombstone. With our help, learn what financial tombstones are. Explore award materials, examples, and our ordering process. We’re eager to support you in making your vision your reality.

personalized tombstone with red crystal embedment on base and printed frontside.

What are financial tombstones?

In the banking industry, a tombstone is a printed notice that includes the details of a public offering or business transaction. Financial tombstones have an additional meaning: an award or gift commemorating a completed business deal that is awarded to all involved. Transactions that warrant celebration include real estate accomplishments, acquisitions, partnerships, and fundraising efforts.

These creations are commonly referred to as deal toys. Although some believe deal toys to be more fun and creative than tombstones, the terms are often interchangeable.

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Crystal And Wood Deal Toy
Case Study

Waterjet Crystal + Wood

Unique financial tombstones + custom creations

Financial tombstones and deal toys are available in diverse materials and unique forms.
Considering how much we value the customized process for all recognition pieces, the possibilities are limitless. Find inspiration for your program idea.

Acrylic tombstone with paper embedment showing a check

Acrylic financial tombstones

Acrylic creations are durable, versatile, and flexible. At Cristaux, we exclusively use Lucite: the leading acrylic of the industry. Lucite tombstones are a popular type of recognition, allowing for bold colors and precise company branded elements.

Glass financial tombstone with etch and intricate color fill

Glass financial tombstones

Glass awards are timeless. Glass financial tombstones can easily feature panels and embedded details. However, this material is often confused with crystal, so we recommend learning more about the differences between glass and crystal.

Double panel financial tombstone plaque with frost etch, image print, and personalized frontside print

Financial tombstone plaques

Plaques are a traditional and popular form of recognition, easily personalized for different recipients. Often used to celebrate milestones, plaques are fitting for financial tombstones to honor your organization’s landmark achievements. This form of recognition can be reinvented without a hitch by using unique materials and features.

Financial tombstones – examples

Financial tombstones are traditionally awarded in the financial industry, namely investment banking and real estate. However, all groups deserve to commemorate their major achievements, regardless of specialty. These awards uplift many diverse occasions.

investment tombstone on marble base with personalization plate showing a financial deal

Investment tombstone

An investment tombstone exists in the world of investment banking. When a business transaction is completed with the help of an investment bank, it is standard to commemorate that deal with a tombstone. These organizations offer financial consulting services and act as intermediaries between investors and companies. Find out how we created tombstones for investment banks such as Houlihan Lokey and William Blair.

> CNC routed crystal real estate tombstone on white crystal base

Real estate tombstone

A real estate tombstone celebrates the acquisition of property. These awards are popular within the travel and hospitality industry. At Cristaux International, our team incorporates unique property details in each tombstone to separate that award from others. Features include property drawings and location.

Financial tombstone with bulding skyline images on double panel representing an acquisition.

Acquisition tombstone

What is a M&A tombstone? A M&A tombstone celebrates company mergers and acquisitions. An acquisition tombstone honors the different organizations involved by incorporating company branded components. This includes company colors and products.

3D printed cow hand painted mounted on artificial grass base with personalization glass panel.

Financing tombstone

What is a tombstone in finance? A financing tombstone is created and gifted within the finance industry to celebrate major business transactions. At Cristaux, we take great pride in designing and manufacturing every award tombstone with innovation and excellence in mind. As a result, you and your team will be rewarded with select creations to distinguish your careers from others.

How the ordering process for financial tombstones works

If you want to order custom awards with Cristaux International, then you will follow this process.

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You submit an inquiry for your recognition program.

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Then, we contact you to discuss your vision and gather important details about your project.

Number Icons 3

From there, our creative team develops one or two designs for your to evaluate and approve.

Number Icons 4

Our quoting department will then send you a quote for the design you selected.

Number Icons 5

You will receive formal proofs of your selected design and personalization for final approval. Once you approve of the final design, production begins.

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Next, we will conduct unmatched quality control for each piece to ensure our standards are met.

Number Icons 7

Your items are shipped out. You will receive a shipping confirmation, final invoice, and tracking information.

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Once you have received your order, we will follow up to confirm your satisfaction and the safe arrival of all pieces.

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Celebrate success with financial tombstones by Cristaux

Equipped with the knowledge of financial tombstone fundamentals, you are ready to start crafting your design. What material do you envision? How would you incorporate your company brand? Collaborate with Cristaux, and we’ll answer all your questions. Beyond that, we’ll support you with our comprehensive recognition awards.

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Related FAQs

At Cristaux, we’ll help you decide what to include on your custom award. A financial tombstone typically includes the following.

  • Transaction type, date, and impact
  • Names and logos of organizations involved (buyers, sellers, advisors, investors, etc.)
  • Property name and location if applicable
  • Company branding (organizational colors, products, values, etc.)

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