Hyatt Place
Case Study

Hyatt Place

A hotel was sold to a new developer at a prestigious location. To highlight this particular deal, Cristaux was sought out to design a piece that recognized the importance and uniqueness of the location in downtown Chicago.

DSC 1038

The Challenge

We aimed to capture the essence of the hotel brand and it’s location without it looking like another standard deal toy. The client wanted an artistic, unique spin on the design to highlight their company culture.

DSC 0158

The Solution

We used different elements of their hotel rooms’ branding décor. Between the leather-wrapped base and the white-washed frame, we truly heightened the piece with the spirit of the brand.

We used a crystal silhouette of the Chicago skyline to give the lakefront an artistic flair. We incorporated reflective panels of blue, that were randomly cut and placed up the sides of the design. These panels emulated the movement of the water and gave the piece extra life.

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