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White acrylic plaque being digitally printed

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Why should you choose acrylic awards? These pieces are the epitome of versatility. From personalization to color to budget, acrylic ensures striking and stunning creations. When pairing acrylic’s flexibility with Cristaux’s experience, your award is destined to be one-of-a-kind. Learn about the Cristaux way and our state-of-the-art manufacturing. Dedicated to your vision, we will expertly create and execute an elevated and special design.

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Acrylic cube with a paper pamphlet embedded into it

Unique acrylic awards by Cristaux

The team at Cristaux International values excellence in everything we do, from award material choice to design techniques. When working with acrylic, we exclusively use Lucite: the best of the industry. Our acrylic pieces are custom awards made special for each client. We proudly uphold our unmatched standards and improve our craft every day.


Acrylic custom awards have immense variety. However, most adhere to the following manufacturing process.

Number Icons 1

Chemicals are heated and mixed to form the liquid acrylic compound. Any necessary color is added.


Number Icons 2

The acrylic mixture is poured into a mold and rests for a few hours to harden. If the piece’s final shape cannot be achieved with a mold, we cast a mold for the piece’s size and machine it later.

Number Icons 3

The previous steps are repeated if the design requires different colors of acrylic. Also, embedded elements would be inserted in between pouring separate layers.

Number Icons 4

Once hardened, the piece is placed in a pressurized oven to cure and remove air bubbles.

Number Icons 5

For a piece that needs to be sculpted to its final shape, we now use computerized machines to carve it and ensure precision.

Number Icons 6

We sand the piece. We preemptively size the piece larger than its final dimensions. We do this to anticipate loss during the curing and sanding processes.

Number Icons 7

We buff and polish the piece to deliver a high-quality shine.

Number Icons 8

If requested, we will personalize the piece with finishing touches like digital printing and laser engraving.

Case Study

3D + UV Print Logo Cutout

Best acrylic awards creations

Acrylic awards can honor diverse visions, industries, and programs because of the material’s limitless potential. It pairs well with other textures, complements many personalization techniques, and accentuates design details. With this flexibility, molds are meant to be broken. By challenging the status quo, we design and produce unforgettable creations. Consider the following ideas for your recognition program.

Acrylic plaque with sublimated personalization and an attached logo coin

Acrylic plaque

An acrylic plaque is a timeless way to recognize outstanding achievements. This type of recognition easily embodies different programs including certification, event awards, and milestone awards. Acrylic can be used in the whole piece, a component, or the frame of a plaque. Utilize acrylic to reinvent this traditional form of recognition.

Acrylic trophy with sand etched personalization

Acrylic trophy

An acrylic trophy can easily adopt diverse shapes and elements of company branding. Additionally, accents can be fashioned out of acrylic and paired with traditional trophy materials like crystal and metal. Whether celebrating your player of the year or hosting a tournament, Cristaux can manifest the perfect custom trophy for you.

Acrylic rectangle award with clear printed paper embedment

Economy acrylic awards

At Cristaux, we honor every client’s unique budget. Economy acrylic awards are a cost-effective solution for those looking for exceptional value. We wholeheartedly believe that everyone deserves custom recognition, regardless of budget. We will collaborate with you to devise strategic yet sensational acrylic awards. Explore Cristaux’s stock collection catalog for diverse options at varying price points.

Acrylic blocks attached to metal bases. Acrylic is etched and colorfilled black

Modern acrylic awards

Considering that our trademarked slogan is “Modernizing Recognition,” we take modern acrylic awards very seriously. Using our creative design expertise and innovative techniques, we create custom awards rooted in ingenuity. We are eager to work with you to create groundbreaking acrylic awards. Consider these small steps to modernize your employee recognition program.

Acrylic oil can replica with actual oil embedded. Personalized on the outside

Custom shaped acrylic awards

Given the material’s flexibility, custom shaped acrylic awards stay classy while honoring your unique vision. Whether inspired by company logos or bodies of water, the Cristaux team is equipped to make your dream award your reality. Our many years of experience and cutting-edge technology can forge any shape. The possibilities are infinite.

Case Study

Acrylic Logo Cut

Blue Acrylic award with etched personalization

Personalized + engraved acrylic awards

When engraving acrylic awards, we solely use laser engraving. With this technique, we precisely manufacture engraved creations. We strive to customize every piece we produce. In the pursuit of personalization, our team uses UV digital printing to add bold color to acrylic awards. Additionally, we use screen printing to add durable details. We also offer on-site engraving as a part of our white-glove service.

Bring your vision to life with custom acrylic awards by Cristaux

Acrylic awards offer exceptional versatility. Whether designed for a specific program or customized with personal details, the possibilities for your creation are endless. Get to brainstorming, and contact us with your program idea. From there, we will discuss how we can support you and your brand through the design, manufacturing, and delivering processes. We can’t wait to create something unforgettable together.

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