Rapid Prototyping

Transform your idea. Accelerate your project.

Cristaux Wood Sign Cut By CNC Machine

On-Demand Prototypes

When you want to create something, you want to hold something real. You want to feel its weight in your hands. You need to be able to picture yourself hanging it on a wall or handing it to a worthy recipient. That’s why you deserve a rapid prototype of your design.

With Cristaux, you go beyond the computer rendering. You get a prototype done the way it will work in the real world. It’s not a rendering. It’s reality, delivered quickly and done right. You obtain the confidence to proceed with your project.

Be assured your design works. Be assured it is refined to be scalable. Be assured you love it.

Custom Acrylic Hope Award Cut By Laser Machine Rapid Prototype

The Most efficient Path Toward Production

You have a concept. You have a design. How does it work in the real world? What happens when materials are forged and ideas become tangible. Does it hold up? Will it break? Can it withstand the pressures of production.

That’s where we come in. Our creative and engineering expertise will find a way to make it work. We’ll make it sturdy, affordable, and scalable.

A Cristuax prototype is far from a trinket. It is the bridge to manufacturing. It is how a concept becomes your reality.

Value Engineer Your Products

When you bring your ideas to Cristaux, our team of designers, technicians, and craftspeople do the extraordinary.

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We’ll find the material that fits your budget, your technical needs, and your aesthetic desires.

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Our designers and engineers combine cutting-edge technology and creativity to create your prototype.

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How do you want to present your design? Finishing options are the final touch to your project.

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We’ll work with you to have your prototype shipped and delivered wherever you need so you can make a conscious decision on your project.

Cristaux Essential Keychain Brass

Rapid Scaling from Prototype to Production

Once you approve the prototype, it is time to start production. Between our 25,000 sq ft warehouse and our network of local manufacturers, we have the capabilities to ramp up production immediately.

How do we know it will work? Because we’ve already made it work. During our prototyping we test for mass production, making sure it will stand the rigor of scaling up to the size of your project.

We already know how your prototype withstands the pressure of creation. That’s how we take away the pressure on you.

Expand Your Possibilities

There is no limit to what you and your team can imagine and no limit to what we can craft. We’re proud to be a partner to many different industries.

Certified Event Planners & Meeting Professionals

Recognition programs, award shows, travel industry groups: It is vital that your recognition product gets the attention and the quality of detail it deserves.

Point of Display Branding

Make foot traffic stop and stare. We create a staging environment that amplifies your brand, accentuates your product, and draws attention from everyone.

Wholesalers & Distributors

Design, manufacture, and support for our partners. 3D printed designs serve as proof of concept before you invest in a complex, scaled production.

Design Firms & Creative Agencies

You have visionary creativity. You deserve a collaborator who will ensure that your design maintains its integrity and identity when transformed by a machine.

Custom James Beard Award Medallion Production

Custom Designs: From Sketch to Reality

You have an idea. You have a design. You have a full vision. But how will that work in reality? That’s what our rapid prototyping development process discovers. It goes beyond design. How does the product feel? What does it weigh? Can it fit into an overhead as a carry-on? Can it withstand international shipping? What happens when it is put next to a door and bumped into by customers? How is it going to look when someone puts it on a shelf to show off to clients?

We know the best designs have to work in the real world. We make sure they do. We’ll answer questions that you haven’t thought to ask. Turning a custom design into a scalable reality is our passion and our profession.

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Product Recreation

Demand something better. Demand the best.

For years, you’ve relied on vendors for mass production of your designs and products. We think you deserve better. You deserve reduced costs, and elevated quality. That’s where we come in. We will explore new materials for greater efficiency and durability, innovate new production methods, and create solutions to problems you might not have known existed.

There are lots of ways to build something. There’s only one way that is perfect. We’ll find it.

You Don’t Just Need It Done Fast. You Need It Done Right.

The prototype sets the tone for the rest of the project. So get it done quickly and efficiently. Hold something beautiful in your hands. Get something real, and get started.

Get Something Real from Cristaux