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3D printed gear video game trophy 2ft tall

Where Art Meets Innovation

3D printing allows us to bring great precision to the world of recognition. A 3D printed trophy shows how exact details can wow audiences.

At Cristaux International, our mission is to modernize recognition. With techniques like 3D printing, we can incorporate exciting and state-of-the-art elements into our clients’ projects. There’s nothing quite like 3D printed awards, especially ones made by Cristaux.

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Crystal dealtoy with 3D printed safari jeep/truck

Unique 3D printed trophies by Cristaux

Our creations are unique because we perfectly balance the human and machine aspects of producing recognition pieces. Cristaux International’s dedication to excellence is unparalleled. Not only will we tell your organization’s story, but we will do so with the utmost care and attention to detail. From our unique trophy designs to our meticulous manufacturing, we hold quality to the highest standard.

Crystal panel deal toy with 3D printed lighthouse

How do you make a 3D trophy?

Out of all our award materials and techniques, 3D printing is the most original. By following our thorough process, we can recreate elements or whole pieces with exceptional exactness.

  1. We send a digital file of your trophy design to our 3D printing machine.
  2. The machine prints one layer of resin at a time.
  3. These layers are fused together.
  4. The piece is checked for quality and consistency.
  5. The complete piece is finished by polishing, painting, or electroplating in metal.

This manufacturing procedure is just one part of our larger and seamless awards creation process. From our first contact to your trophy’s safe delivery, we will support you every step of the way.

Custom 3D printed trophies

The Cristaux team believes that personalized awards and trophies are the most meaningful. To customize your 3D printed pieces, we can paint, electroplate, or powder-coat them. By electroplating with metal, we can create a 3D platinum trophy. Also, we can digitally customize the details of your vision before printing and with the click of a button.

There are countless possibilities with 3D printing. Consider the following types of custom awards, trophies, and gifts for your project.

Crystal block with 3D lasered object in the inside

Product Replicas

3D printing works excellently for product replicas because of its ability to recreate any object. We can either create a solid and scaled reproduction, or we can 3D laser the product into another material like crystal. For example, we used 3D lasering to celebrate a new product for iRobot.

Crystal dealtoy with 3D printed gavel and hammer

Deal Toys

Deal toys mark important moments for businesses. One way to celebrate those achievements is to 3D print an object that represents your organization or deal. Examples of this include your products, the acquired property, and company values.

3D Printed geometrical wolf

Company Branding

When 3D printing company branded creations, we can expand two-dimensional logos into exciting 3D elements. This is reinvigorating and uplifting for your team. Our creative engineers will innovate unique ways to expertly embed your logo into the design.

Metal plaque with 3D Printed components


Most people think heavy awards are of higher quality. 3D printed plaques made entirely of 3D printed elements may feel less significant because they do not weigh much and take a lot of time to produce. We reinvent this classic type of recognition by 3D printing components of the larger design. Then, we pair those elements with other materials like wood or metal to give the design a heavier feel.

Elevate your brand with unique 3D printed trophies by Cristaux

Cristaux has a lot to offer: a careful manufacturing process, refined personalization techniques, and many types of recognition pieces. However, we prioritize your story. By creating a 3D printed trophy, you can celebrate your team in a way truly special to them.

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With the Cristaux team, you can design your own trophy. We will offer our creative design services, expertise on materials and budget, and more. However, your vision for your trophy is the most important aspect of the creation process.

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