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2ft tall 3D Printed gears of war custom trophy for video gaming

Topnotch Innovation for Your Award Winners

Imagine you train for years and years for one, momentous event. Your hard work pays off, and you and your team finish first place. However, your dedication is rewarded with a trophy award void of emotion and engraved with your name spelled incorrectly. Why opt for shabby, common pieces when you can create a custom trophy?

At Cristaux, we specialize in custom work. We offer diverse creations, personalization options, and vast award materials to choose from. We understand how much work goes into planning an event or being crowned the victor. Together, let’s create a one-of-a-kind design to embody your commitment to excellence.

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Elevate your brand with custom trophy creations by Cristaux

You and your team have a story to tell. You overcame challenges and accomplished great things. Ensure you honor your journey the right way – with meaning. Our creations take your vision and turn it into something special and extraordinary. No matter your concept, we can craft an exceptional custom award for every occasion or purpose.

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Trophy plate for world poker tour

Custom trophy plates

Trophy plates are used to feature personal information about an award recipient. They are small, thin, and made of metal. They are often engraved and serve as the finishing touch for trophy designs. Custom trophy plates pair well with plaques and championship cups for reoccurring events.

Acrylic and metal wall trophy plaque with digital print personalization

Custom trophy plaques

Plaques make recognition easy to display and easy to celebrate. Custom trophy plaques honor the success of a specific individual and lend themselves well to personalization. At Cristaux, we take it upon ourselves to reinvent this type of recognition. We push our creations to be innovative and to match the singular accomplishments they reflect.

Silver James Beard chef award medal on white ribbon

Custom trophy medallions

From the Olympics to the James Beard Foundation, medallions are popular modern trophies. They are flat, round disks often made of metal. Custom trophy medals hold great weight and can be presented in different ways. From being worn around one’s neck to being presented in a custom box, medallions are timeless.

crystal football award with personalized front face and crystal spires

Personalized trophies + awards

Personalization is central to any meaningful trophy design. Whether engraving or imprinting, Cristaux is equipped to customize any award. How you personalize your piece is up to you. Nevertheless, you may want to consider the following ideas:

  • Award name
  • Event name
  • Recipient name
  • Organization name
  • Year
  • Organizational values
  • Inspirational symbol or quote
  • Performance results or measures

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Digital printed crystal trophy with outer space image

Custom trophy with picture

Cristaux team members have become experts at personalizing custom trophies with pictures. For example, by offering company branded creations, we decorate awards with company logos every day. We also use color-matching technology to ensure bold and precise images that align with your brand.

silver cup with ribbons around it and a base with personalized etched plate

Custom trophy engraving

To engrave awards, we use various techniques like sand-etching or laser-engraving. With our tools and expertise, we can inscribe many materials including crystal, metal, and acrylic. We also offer on-site engraving as a part of our white-glove service. This event-based solution elevates any experience by allowing individuals to see their award engraved right before their eyes.

Choose from our limitless material supply

With our vast vendor network, our material offerings are endless. Whether you are looking to 3D print or implement a unique material like stone or marble, our Creative and Production teams are continuously evolving our capabilities to reflect your needs. We will go above and beyond to prioritize high quality materials like grade “A” optical crystal and Lucite due to the common demand. When it comes to quality materials, we provide you with all the options you need to make your vision come true.

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Clear and green acrylic x trophy design

Acrylic custom trophy

Acrylic awards are durable and bold. Despite its strength, it molds easily and comes in countless colors. At Cristaux, we use Lucite: the leading choice of the acrylic industry. Whether it is the main component or used for accents, acrylic will bring any vision to life. When it comes to acrylic for e-sports awards, it always pairs well with other materials.

Metal football trophy for USC Trojans, surrounded by crystal panels on base

Metal custom trophy

Metal offers any award a sleek effect and considerable weight. Whether creating an aluminum or steel custom trophy, you will have a high-quality piece to proudly stand behind. Gold awards are a popular vision when it comes to custom metal awards. Gold trophies are the epitome of prestige, elegance, and class.

Wood custom trophy with digital print personalization. Metal bull cutout wrapped around the wood

Wood custom trophy

Wood offers a great natural effect and sustainable effort for any creation. Additionally, different types serve different purposes. For example, walnut provides a strong base, while cherry helps engravings stand out. Try pairing different woods together to add dimension to your wooden trophy.

Crystal star trophy with blue crystal on base.

Crystal custom trophy

Crystal is our most popular material and deservedly so. It is strong and easy to work with. As the central component for tournament and national sports trophies, crystal is versatile. This timeless material is guaranteed to distinguish your program and your victors.

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Custom trophy recipients deserve more than a pat on the back. Because of hard work and true grit, these individuals achieved greatness and deserve recognition. It is our passion to bestow custom awards onto the most deserving. With designs that convey valor and emotion, we show the recipient just how much they are worth.

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