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Custom Neon Light Technology Award

Recognition that embodies your Brand

Recognition is more than a physical product. It is composed of meaning and purpose. It elicits emotion and intentionally brings you to a moment in time.

When you compose a recognition design, you are pulling inspiration from a piece of your brand identity. You are saying here is what we stand for and here is how we shine. Take your designs to the next level. Use your company voice to distinguish your recognition.

Different Shades of Branded Design

Custom 3D Printed Gears Of War Trophy by Cristaux

3D Print

One of the most popular ways of creating a new design concept starts with the production of a casted mold. Although this avenue for creation may seem like the right solution, most design molds come with a heavy price tag. Coupled with the fact that although a concept is created, not all designs can actually be manufactured to your biggest wishes.

3D printing helps mitigate this risk by implementing your exact design, no matter the concept. We’re able to tackle the more unique designs with complex angles and challenging shapes. This will give you the ability to achieve that finished branded look, without blowing out the budget.

3D-Printed Product Replica Custom Award
Case Study

3D Print Product Replica

Custom James Beard Wall Plaque certificate by Cristaux

Wall Signage and Plaques

At Cristaux, we don’t settle for mediocrity. It is because of this that we hold your designs with a high regard and push the envelope on industry norms. While wall signage and plaques have become a common form of recognition awards, all designs will hold the same standard of excellence.

We take it beyond the basics. Whether that is creating unique plaques out of various shapes or implementing a logo branded affect, the elevated design touch brings in more meaning.

Cristaux Custom Cnc Cut Aluminum Gold Electroplated Point Of Display LouisVuitton

Logo Recreation

It takes more than branding guidelines to define a company. The spirit and the culture exist to define who you are, and elements of that trickle through to the company logo. Logo recreation is one of the more definitive ways to use branded themes in a design. But recreation does not necessarily equate to a full out copy.

There are various modes of recreating the logo and the most important part is to implement elements of the brand into the design. So long as the finished product works in tandem with the branding, even the slightest company branded touch can truly give it that personalized feel.

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Execute Your Vision with Company Branded Designs

Company branded designs pull from the elements of your culture and brand identity. This way, brand
awareness is heightened, and you can mirror something you truly stand by.

Whether it is a brand logo or a color scheme, company branded designs will bring out the best parts of
what makes your company unique.

Show what makes you unique