Custom stone trophies

Natural beauty at its finest.

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Stone trophy with ridged cuts and sand etch personalization

Awards of Great Strength and Sophistication

Stone is a natural material of the earth, echoing the world’s beauty. Each slab comes with its own character and elevates any design. A stone trophy is a statement-making piece. You show others that you take recognition seriously and believe in celebrating the best with the best award material.

The Cristaux International team loves working with stone. Each piece is a new opportunity to figure out how to make it shine. We take your vision to heart and work hard to find the right stone for your awards. From its creation process to its diverse types, stone is greatly versatile and offers great beauty to any program it’s a part of.

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Abstract stone trophy on crystal base

Unique stone trophies by Cristaux

The Cristaux mission is to modernize recognition, but how is this mission reflected in our actions? Most importantly, we specialize in client-driven custom awards. We’ll make sure to collaborate with you, to deliver on your needs and wants. We are in the business of fulfilling dreamlike recognition programs.

Also, we are dedicated to our craft. When working with stone, we ensure that we source premium selections. Then, we’ll guide you through your choices with great expertise. We want to find a way for the stone and other materials to represent your story. Every day, we proudly design and manufacture trophies and awards that are deeply meaningful to our clients. Each element has a purpose.

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Marble wedge with sand etch personalization

How to create a stone trophy

At Cristaux, we maintain high standards of excellence for each piece that leaves our warehouse. All our creations are an extension of us, and we want to make sure we represent ourselves well. We’ve developed a successful creation process to deliver high quality for each program.

  1. You contact our sales team to discuss the details of your program.
  2. You collaborate with our art department to brainstorm the trophy’s creative design.
  3. After reviewing our artistic proofs and using our rapid prototyping, you approve of the design.
  4. We source the stone and other materials.
  5. We manufacture and check each piece for quality.
  6. We ship your pieces. If you’d like to ship directly to each recipient, then you can use our drop shipping

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Stone and marble trophies with personalization

The difference between marble and stone

Of all the award materials we offer, marble and stone are ones of the highest class. Marble is a type of stone and is known for its veins, or the streaks of color running through the polished slab. Other popular stones include granite, slate, and more. Perhaps the most important aspect of stone is its weight. Its heaviness portrays an image of great achievement for the recipient. Even a small element, like the base or back panel of an award, can add that extra oomph needed to impress.

Our stone varieties pair well with other materials like glass and crystal. Stone and crystal work beautifully together by creating a very elegant effect. Also, the substantial weight of both materials makes trophies and awards of great significance. Consider pairing crystal and stone for custom deal toys or building replicas.

Case Study

Blackstone Group

The different types of stone trophies

Stone is versatile in its many varieties, colors, and functions. From plaques to bases, all stone trophies reflect great individuality and substance.

Stone plaque with digital print personalization

Stone plaques

Stone plaques are strong and striking. They elevate any sophisticated concept and offer precise personalization. By engraving directly into the stone, you honor the recipient and the one-of-a-kind nature of the stone itself.

marble plaque with digital print personalization

Marble plaques

Marble plaques commemorate special achievements while showcasing the remarkable veins and structure of premium pieces. Presenting marble plaques shows others that you deeply value the importance of high-quality recognition.

Abstract marble trophy statue on crystal base

Marble trophies

A marble custom trophy celebrates champions with great class. Whether shaped into an obelisk or a prism, marble recognition pieces feel great when handled and presented. The weight of these pieces makes recipients feel the positive impact of their accomplishments.

granite pyramid paperweight with sand etch and colorfill

Granite awards

Granite awards make excellent corporate awards, leadership awards, and more. Granite awards typically feature unique speckles characteristic of this type of stone. You can use granite as the main material of your design, or you can opt for a granite base or backdrop.

gold poptart toaster replica on stone base

Stone trophy bases

Stone trophy bases provide awards with durability, weight, and elegance. Unlike plastic copies of stone, genuine stone bases make an award substantial in style. Consider pairing your stone trophy base with a metal cup or custom statue.

crystal building replica on marble base

Marble trophy bases

Each piece of marble has its own unique print, giving each trophy base its own special character. What better way to celebrate the best with a trophy that can’t be copied? Additionally, when making building replicas that feature marble, we like to work with the same marble used in the actual building’s design. This way, we connect the two in a personal way.

Stone texture printed deal toy on marble base with sand etch and colorfill

Stone deal toys

Deal toys made from stone portray excellent prestige and importance for your sales team. You can fabricate the entire recognition piece out of stone or marble, or you can opt for a smaller feature. For example, the Ritz Carlton San Francisco team created a deal toy with a white marble base to reflect the celebrated property. Also, Houlihan Lokey paired a back panel of company branded granite with exquisite crystal.

Case Study

Logo Recreation Stone Statue

marble wedge with sand etch and colorfill personalization

Customized + engraved stone trophies

A properly engraved stone trophy highlights the recipient and the program. At Cristaux, we have many tools that allow us to personalize each piece with precision and care.

  • Laser engrave and color fill recipient information
  • Sand blast company branding
  • Affix a name plate with digitally printed details

Customizing stone trophies is the final, all-important touch for special awards. With our help, you can go that extra mile to ensure a successful recognition program.

Elevate your brand with custom stone trophies by Cristaux

A spectacular stone trophy is not only determined by the quality of the stone. It takes skill and an expert craft to perfect and translate every creative design.

A recognition program is made successful through collaborative design, detail-oriented manufacturing, and supportive customer solutions. Stone is beautiful on its own. However, it is transformed into something meaningful and special when paired with your vision and worked by our artisans.

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