Ritz Carlton San Francisco
Case Study

Ritz Carlton San Francisco

The Ritz-Carlton of San Francisco offers its guests a vibrant experience. Beyond its white marble exterior, its team welcome and service guests with care.

Crystal Acetate Embedment Pillar Graphics Marble Base 002


The client was in search of a deal toy. They had restructured the hotel and wanted to celebrate. For the design, they envisioned a recreation of the hotel’s exterior within a limited budget. This program is one we call “balling on a budget.”

Crystal Acetate Embedment Pillar Graphics Marble Base 003


To honor the hotel’s front façade, we cut the piece’s base out of white marble. Wthen shaped the top of the award out of crystal. Respectful of their budget, we digitally printed a white marble pattern onto the crystal. This replicated the marble appeal without using the expensive stone itselfFinally, we etched the deal details and painted them in gold. Through and through, this was an elegant piece for an elegant brand.

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