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Unique safety awards that honor the highest success.

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Celebrate and Inspire Hard Work

High quality safety demands high quality recognition. Effective safety award programs are critical for organizations to promote hard work and high standards. These recognition programs honor individuals, departments, companies, vendors, and more.

For vendors and contractors, safety is a key focus in their work. Their dedication to continuous safety optimization deserves authentic recognition. Whether honoring training completion or safety milestones, start by sharing your safety award idea with our creative team.

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What is a safety award?

Safety awards are used to celebrate those who exemplify security and protection. This form of recognition honors individuals who maintain a safe workplace. Recipients exemplify the value that their company places in a healthy and safe work environment.

Safety recognition can also commemorate vendors for safe practices. A great example of this is SAGE’s 2019 supplier rating awards program that featured the Cristaux team. Because of our unparalleled standards, we were honored for our undying commitment to safety and service.

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Why give safety awards?

It is important to give safety awards because you want to show you are serious about safety. You have a responsibility to protect your business, your employees, and yourself at work. Not only does safety promote wellness in the workplace, but it also allows your team to feel secure and healthy after a long day’s work.

Safety award programs recognize the meaningful efforts of employees and celebrate the accomplishments that allow them to thrive. Also, they show the rest of the world that you value the importance of a safe work environment.

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Crafting extraordinary designs for every occasion with Cristaux

Excellent safety practices allow organizations – including ours – to grow and innovate. However, safety recognition is often overlooked. Here at Cristaux, we work hard to reinvent neglected programs with custom creations.

Through experience and research, we discovered that safety recognition awards did not stand out. We took it upon ourselves to challenge the traditional mindset and promised to make something unique out of this type of recognition. Our safety cone award is now stocked in many programs and serves as an innovative model for modernized recognition.

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Safety awards: recognition takes different forms

With creativity and innovation, safety award ideas are abundant and limitless. Safety award incentives establish, foster, and expand employee trust and interest. They motivate your team to work safer and smarter.

Whether you work in manufacturing, service, or retail, we have a one-of-a-kind solution for you. Safety recognition ideas include:

  • Months of safety
  • Safety spotlight
  • Safety awareness
  • Safe driver
  • Safety leadership
  • Continuous improvement

Cristaux’s innovative process does not stop there. Our creative team is always eager to take on a new concept or idea.

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Safety award pin

Safety award pins may be small in size, but they say a lot. These keepsakes reinforce the high priority you set on safety. They also honor those who exemplify the best practices with a token of gratitude.

Pins can be worn with pride or kept safe with other recognition pieces. Magnetic pins are also available and can easily attach to a larger piece. This sort of design creatively displays multiple safety accomplishments.

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Safety award plaques

Safety award plaques are a professional way of recognizing impressive achievements. From celebrating a business’s successful and safe grand opening, to an exciting and new branch expansion, safety award plaques are perfectly suited for all types of milestone awards.

Plaques easily lend themselves to customization. You can choose from diverse materials like crystal, glass, metal, or even wood to perfect your vision. However, personalization really thrives in company branded designs, making your plaques meaningful to your team.

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Safety award certificate

Safety award certificates are a traditional type of recognition that celebrates those who work safely. This kind of program encourages all involved to continue and improve strong safety habits.

Our team works hard to elevate the standard safety award certificate. We have developed innovative processes to modernize this popular recognition piece. We go a few steps further by offering various material substrates. You can even opt for your certificates to be framed or embedded in refined crystal or glass.


Additional safety award ideas

Other custom gifts and incentives for safety awards include:

Unsure if your idea can be achieved? Share it with us! We would love to explore your program idea further to reach its fullest potential.


What are the different categories of safety awards?

Safety award categories include…

  • Workplace safety awards
  • Achievement awards
  • Industry sector awards
  • Specialist awards
  • Employee recognition
  • Vendor and contractor recognition

Exclusive vendor and employee safety awards from Cristaux

Whether used monthly, annually or for other certain milestones, the ideal safety award program will recognize an organization’s grand achievements. As a result, safety engagement can reduce incidents, increase awareness, and decrease overall costs. Constructing a building and maintaining safety throughout a project are monumental achievements. Those accomplishments need monumental recognition.

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