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Water jet crystal financial deal toy

Honor Your Achievement

You just closed a massive deal. After months of hard work, it’s time to celebrate. To remember this moment, deal toys are essential for recognizing you and your team. With our help, you will discover what a deal toy is, why you should work with us, and examples of this recognition tradition.

Blue, white and clear crystal financial deal toy

What are deal toys?

Deal toys are a type of recognition used to honor the closing of a business transaction. Achievements to celebrate include acquisitions, partnerships, and fundraising efforts. These custom awards and gifts may be more fun and creative than traditional financial tombstones. However, these terms are generally interchangeable. For more information, learn about the history of deal toys.

Partner with Cristaux to Commemorate Your Deal

Marble base, crystal financial deal tombstone with wood frame

Go beyond the average with Cristaux – your deal toy + financial tombstone creator

At Cristaux, we redefine recognition by expertly designing and manufacturing custom creations. We collaborate with you to create unparalleled and prestigious awards to recognize and inspire your team. Consider this five-step checklist for how to choose the right deal toy company. Hint: it’s Cristaux International.

Each of our financial tombstones and deal toys are made special and unique for each client. Your company has its own story to tell. We’ll work with you to bring that story to life. Discover why custom awards are best and why you should say no to generic deal toys.

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Blackstone Group

Custom deal toys: examples

Deal toys come in many shapes and sizes and elevate many unique occasions. The following examples offer ideas for your project’s industry, function, and material. Also, consider these diverse sources of inspiration for your deal toy.

Water jet Fleur De Lis financial deal toy with gold colorfill

Real estate deal toys

Real estate deal toys are used to celebrate the selling or acquisition of property. These awards often commemorate deals in the travel and hospitality industry. At Cristaux, we tie in details of the property to create a meaningful design. Features include property drawings, location, and natural elements.

CNC’d acrylic united states deal toy

Investment banking deal toys

What is a deal toy in investment banking? In investment banking, deal toys celebrate business transactions that were supported by investment banking companies. These organizations offer clients financial consulting services. They also act as intermediaries between investors and companies. Learn about the custom awards we made for investment banks William Blair and Houlihan Lokey.

Crystal financial deal toy with acetate embeded image

Corporate tombstones

Corporate tombstones and deal toys are created to celebrate any business transaction for a corporation. At Cristaux, we strive to differentiate each deal toy by featuring company branded elements. Whether 3D-printing a cow or using corn syrup to recreate oil, we challenge the limits of design to showcase our clients and their brands.

Crystal financial deal toy with frosted etch background and etch with color fill front

Deal gifts

What is a deal gift? A deal gift can be used interchangeably with a deal toy to celebrate business success and milestones. They are awarded to recognize the hard work of employees, clients, and business partners. Discover why deal gifts matter. Also, explore our custom corporate gifts for more inspiration.

Lucite deal toy on blue crystal feet

Lucite deal toys

Lucite deal toys are special because of their material, Lucite. This type of acrylic leads the industry for its unmatched quality. It offers great versatility in its many colors, flexibility, and cost-effective options. However, there are various types of material other than Lucite. Consider which one is the right material for your deal toy.

Waterjet crystal financial dealtoy with digital print graphic in background

Who gets deal toys?

Deal toys are gifted to those involved in the transaction being celebrated. This may include investors, financial advisors, clients, and employees. Recipients take extraordinary pride in accepting and displaying these awards. Thanks to deal toys, they can easily remember their dedication and accomplishments. Once you’ve decided who to honor, consider these four ways to award deal toys.

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Recognize extraordinary with deal toys by Cristaux

Now that you know the basics and types of deal toys, you’re ready to contact us and start your project. We’ll use our expertise for creative design and rapid prototyping to realize your vision with great precision and care. We also offer drop shipping, taking the stress of shipping logistics off your workload. By teaming up with Cristaux, you will learn how impactful it is to work with a responsible and dedicated vendor.

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