16 gifts for business partners

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Corporate gifting is a common practice in professional spaces. However, all gifting efforts will be for nothing if they aren’t thoughtful. There is an art and strategy to gift giving. With a list of strong gifts for business partners, any organization can distinguish and bolster relationships.

At Cristaux, we create custom gifts for different corporations and occasions. However, we understand that showing appreciation for business partners is unique. By tending to these relationships, business leaders can ensure the longevity of their enterprises.

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What are the benefits of gifts for business partners?

Corporate gifting is a long-standing tradition because it comes with countless benefits. Specifically, giving the right partner incentives will help one’s own company in so many ways.

  • Strengthen relationships with partners
  • Stand out from competition
  • Help partners feel valued
  • Increase partner loyalty
  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Grow brand awareness

16 creative gift ideas for business partners

Every person is unique and has their own special interests, hobbies, and passions. The following list includes ideas that appeal to many people and can be easily customized to each individual. Afterall, the best gifts are the ones chosen with the recipient in mind.

1. Office Accessories

Partners are hardworking businesspeople, so they need an office that helps them stay productive. Desk accessories can elevate their space while serving a practical purpose. Examples include a personalized paper weight, business card holder, and name plate.

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2. Milestone Awards

By giving business partners custom milestone awards, companies can celebrate shared achievements. Marking these pivotal moments captures the history of the relationship. Also, these recognition pieces can honor a partner’s separate accomplishments. This way, you can show them that you are proud of what they have done.

3. Picture Frame

Giving a picture frame to a partner allows them to use it as they like. For instance, they can feature their family or their team members. Either way, it appeals to their human side and not just their business persona. Additionally, pieces like these can be personalized to feature an inspirational quote, branding, and more.

4. Travel Accessories

Often, businesspeople do a lot of traveling. That’s why travel accessories would make a great gift for a business partner. Customized luggage tags, suitcases, and passport holders elevate a traveler’s experience and make waiting in lines at the airport more enjoyable.

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5. Travel Souvenir

If business partners traveled together, then giving them a souvenir to remind them of shared experiences would make a great gift. Also, gift-giving is expected and seen as a sign of respect in certain countries. It’s important to understand the etiquette of each country. Often, gifts that are unique to one’s culture are very interesting.

6. Clock

Clocks make very purposeful gifts. They can decorate offices, homes, and other spaces. When choosing or designing the gift, consider the time zones in which business partners work. While it may be beautiful, the clock may also serve an important function.

7. Barware

Company branded barware items make sophisticated gifts for your business partners. However, it’s important to know the recipient’s drinking habits to ensure they will use the gift. Examples include

  • Champagne flutes
  • Decanters
  • Whiskey glasses or tumblers
  • Wine glasses

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8. Coasters

Whether accompanying barware or on their own, custom coasters are a useful gift. Common décor items like these subtly elevate an office or home. Also, they can be made from various materials like crystal and stone. Although they may be seen as simple, there are many ways to make them special.

Find inspiration in our stock collection.

9. Book

Another thoughtful gift is a book. By remembering past conversations or shared hobbies, try finding a book that the recipient would find interesting. For example, a partner who likes cooking might like a new cookbook. These tokens of gratitude also show that the recipient is valued for their interests.

10. Crystal Vase

For a truly elegant effect, receiving a crystal vase will wow any business partner. These statement pieces show great refinement and craft. For a long-lasting relationship, this is a great gift to celebrate years of achievement. It shows how much is invested in each other.

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11. Catered Meal

Some people love nothing more than the gift of food. By catering a meal for a partner or for their whole business, the gesture will be appreciated. Before ordering, make sure to know all food preferences, allergies, and restrictions. Including everyone in the meal won’t go unnoticed.

12. Artwork

Pieces of art make wonderful gifts for those who truly enjoy the finer things and beauty. Also, giving artwork can support hardworking artists and creators. Before choosing a piece, consider the budget and recipient’s style. This will help you find artwork that is cost-effective and thoughtful.

13. Plaque

Custom plaques can commemorate a wide variety of achievements. For business partners, design a plaque that celebrates what they did together. Also, it’s important to design something striking and beautiful. That way, the recipient can proudly display it in their office.

MG steering wheel as a plaque

14. Membership + Subscription

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences. To challenge the leading minds in business, consider giving them membership or subscription to different places, services, or courses. For example, treat a passionate golfer to lessons. This kind of gift offers unforgettable enrichment.

15. Technological Devices

Technological devices and gadgets make smart gifts because they make life easier at work and home. Also, they help recipients keep up with innovation. Above all, it’s important to find something partners will use and find helpful. Examples include wireless headphones and a portable speaker.

16. Product Replica

By giving a product replica, partners can celebrate what they created together. If they work in construction or a related field, then they can create a building replica. Either way, they honor their success with style and innovation. These pieces capture meaningful moments with unrivaled detail.

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Best practices for giving gifts to business partners

Corporate gifting may seem difficult. However, the following tips outline helpful practices for giving gifts to business partners. These tips can also be used when giving gifts to employees, customers, and loved ones.

Include a personal note

There’s nothing quite as thoughtful as a handwritten letter. By adding a thank-you note, a gift is instantly elevated. It becomes more meaningful for the recipient. Small touches like these show that you strongly value the relationship and wish to continue growing together.

Think with the recipient in mind

The best gifts are chosen for an individual recipient. This way, the memento is memorable and suitable for each business partner. Thoughtfulness shows that an organization and its leaders are willing to go the extra mile to strengthen their bonds. For example, giving food that they can eat despite their allergies is appreciated.

Celebrate special occasions

Gifts aren’t just reserved for holidays. Instead, it’s best to promptly congratulate partners for special occasions. Honoring big milestones shows that you support them and their growth. For instance, consider sending gifts for a notable business anniversary.

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What are some good corporate gifts?

If interested in corporate gifts for other people than business partners, consider the following ideas. Also, browse this corporate gift guide for more inspiration.

Event Tickets

Sharing experiences with others is very powerful and moving. However, it’s important to coordinate scheduling and to make sure the recipient can attend the event. Examples include tickets to concerts, sporting events, and conferences.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are suitable for customers and clients. Consider offering a discount or supplemental gift with holidays or business celebrations. Promotions can help evolve the custom experience and drive brand awareness.

Custom Awards

Whether celebrating a business deal or vendor relations, custom awards serve as a great gift. When designed and crafted well, these pieces capture unforgettable memories for recipients. To make something special, collaborate with a trustworthy and innovative vendor.

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Strengthen relationships with gifts for business partners

Putting together gifts for business partners is easier with ideas and best practices to follow. However, it’s most important to find ways to make the pieces personal. Personalization instantly elevates any gift and unwrapping.

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FAQs: gifts for business partners

You may have some questions that need answers, so we’ve provided information on frequent questions from people like you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, visit our FAQ page or contact our team.

What is a good business thank you gift?

A good business thank you gift is something meaningful for the recipient. It could be useful like a clock or barware.  On the other hand, it could be more aesthetic like artwork or recognition awards. Overall, the best gifts are selected with the recipients in mind.

Can a corporation give gifts?

Yes, a corporation can give gifts, but there are standards that need to be met. First, most corporate gifts for employees are taxable. Also, corporations cannot violate policies of corporate gifting.  It’s important to communicate an organization’s guidelines with employees and partners and to remind recipients they do not have to accept gifts.