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Gears of War Esports gaming trophy

Modern awards for exceptional achievers

As the world of esports evolves, tournaments, competitors, and fans grow more and more fierce. Gaming trophies act as the centerpieces for exciting events and occasions. These awards inspire everyone to be the best. To commemorate the winning moment, you need a one-of-a-kind creation for champions to hoist in the air. This deserved trophy must stand out from the rest to attract top-tier talent.

MVP metal gaming trophy

Gaming trophies by Cristaux

Cristaux is a pioneer of custom awards and personalized recognition programs. Designed with creativity and intention, our creations capture unique brands and company stories. Driven by excellence, our team works hard to not only fabricate outstanding trophies but also support diverse events with logistical solutions. Whether creating ultramodern gaming awards or classic sports trophies, we put in our all to deliver for our clients.

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Gears of War E-Sports Awards

Custom gaming trophy: ideas

A custom gaming trophy can take on a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether designing a two-foot-tall championship cup or personal awards for fan favorites, we can bring your vision to life. Beyond the different types of custom awards, we also pride ourselves on personalizing and engraving trophies. When paired with precise and customized decoration, the following esports trophy ideas can elevate any program.

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Gamestop Focus Awards, crystal gaming trophy

Gaming trophies & awards

Video game trophies can celebrate an array of achievements. Whether honoring those who won a tournament or those who designed the most creative games, these pieces can incorporate an organization’s character. From 3D-printing logos to using LED lights, we can create truly outstanding awards.

gold, silver and bronze gaming medals for the Twitch Streamer Bowl

Gaming medals

Custom medals can revamp a traditional concept with a modern design. These creations work wonderfully when recognizing first, second, and third place competitors or teams. To ensure your medallions stand out, we can create custom molds, branded ribbons, and personalized presentation boxes.

Tempest Esports gaming trophy

Gaming plaques

Used for many types of programs, plaques are incredibly versatile. These creations can be easily personalized for each recipient. Also, they can feature unique materials and kick stands. Plaques can be used to honor gaming influencers, event organizers, and more.

Video & esports trophy: How to order gaming trophies at Cristaux

Cristaux’s process of making a custom trophy is detailed and streamlined. With years of experience, we’ve developed steps that work best for our clients and team members. Throughout the creation process, we will endlessly support you and your team, while crafting magnificent pieces.

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tablet drawing of a gaming tophy


To begin, our creative designers and engineers will consult with you to figure out which materials, shapes, and fabrication techniques will best realize your vision. While collaborating with them, you’ll discover the countless options we offer. With our expertise and tools, we can design one-of-a-kind creations from premium materials like the following.

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manufacturing process of a 3D-print Low Poly Dog Video Game Trophy


We’ve set up a network of global vendors who help us bring unique recognition pieces to life. With their help, we can fabricate statement-making trophies fit for the most exciting events. Whether sourcing unique materials or seeking experts in manufacturing practices, we go to the ends of the earth to create something extraordinary.

poker gaming trophy in shipping container


Esports has taken the world by storm, and the best award vendors will ensure your trophies can be swiftly and safely delivered anywhere. At Cristaux, we offer drop shipping solutions so that awards can be sent to recipients’ personal addresses across the globe. Personalized shipping takes the stress off your shoulders and elevates honorees’ experiences.

two personalized Esports gaming trophies


Decorated with recipients in mind, individualized trophies make recognition special. Whether printed or engraved, personalized awards enhance the experience for recipients. With an award made especially for them, they feel valued and empowered. Consider adding the following information to your trophies.

  • Program name
  • Recipient name
  • Year of achievement
  • Measures of success
  • Company name and logo

Create your own gaming trophies with Cristaux

Like the gaming industry, the world of recognition is always evolving. With innovative ideas and an organized creation process, Cristaux is equipped to elevate your gaming trophies. From sourcing special materials to customizing shipping solutions, we are dedicated to creating not only one-of-a-kind trophy awards but also comprehensive recognition programs. We’re ready and eager to take your organization to the next level.

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No, Cristaux does not create gaming trophy belts. However, we fabricate a wide array of select creations. From custom statue awards to corporate gifts, we can create different pieces for your recognition program. We love to work with each client to see which design would best suit their program’s needs.

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