Twitch Medallions
Case Study

Twitch Medallions

Twitch provides a video live streaming service and is known for video game streaming like esports competitions.


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Metal, Mixed Media


Event Awards

Twitch Streamers Bowl Medallion Gold Silver Bronze 02


The Twitch team asked us to fabricate medallions for their event and within a tight deadline. They were not satisfied with their previous vendor, so we had to prove ourselves and make sure our craftsmanship was unparalleled.

Twitch Streamers Bowl Medallion Gold Silver Bronze 03


As we began making the pieces from molds, we noticed inconsistencies in the execution. Considering the timeframe, we had to come up with a quick solution, so we decided to use antiquing. This type of finish creates a unique and shadowy effect, while hiding minor imperfections.

Additionally, we reconfigured how the ribbon and medallion connected so that the awards would lay smoothly around the recipients’ necks. To feature Twitch’s branding, we used their company purple as the color of the ribbons. Ultimately, we fulfilled their order within 30 days and proved our skills as vendors.

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