Trophy Awards

Redefine recognition with a trophy award by Cristaux.

USC Trojan Football Award

Celebrate the best

A trophy award sends a clear message about achievement. With this statement, you honor big wins and recognize exceptional accomplishments. At Cristaux, we believe that seeking recognition is an integral part of being human. Every day, we follow through on this belief by crafting a special award, trophy, or event for every client. We take pride in being the voice for the next generation of achievers.

Discover the diversity of our designs and materials. With our team, you will exceed the extraordinary.

Podcast Academy Golden Mics Trophy Awards

Make your vision come to life with a trophy award by Cristaux

With years of determination, we have become experts in design, manufacturing, and commemorating each client’s story. We are leading the charge on modernizing recognition. We are changing the industry by expanding our materials, personalization methods, and finishes. Our unmatched standards are evident. From actualizing custom creations to supporting client brand growth, we are dedicated to your success.

We will bring your vision to life with outstanding precision. From custom trophy engraving to polished finishes, we deliver high-quality solutions that are unique to your program.

Trophy Designs

Our creations and trophy designs

No matter the task, we are up for the challenge. Whether you want a championship cup or medallion, we have you covered. Can we design an award for a sporting, arts, or other industry event? Of course, we can! Equipped to personalize anything, we are ready to create something special for your program.

Trophy Awards Materials

Our materials for trophy awards

We offer 24 core materials to clients, and those are just the most desired ones. With so many options to choose from, your trophy award can take on any style or personality. From natural woods to sleek metals, we can create any character with our vast selection and vendor network. We can also mix materials for a look like no other.

Trophy Awards Crystal

Crystal awards

Crystal is our most often used material, and rightfully so. It is easy to work with, offering great flexibility for every project. It is as strong as it is versatile. From golfing tournaments to football bowls, crystal awards are timeless and exquisite. This high-quality material is guaranteed to distinguish your program with great power and weight.

glass panel with metal base

Glass awards

Glass is another common choice for recognition pieces. It offers any award a refined and elevated style. It can also work well for unique projects like champagne flutes. Learn more about the differences between glass and crystal.

T Mobile Pink Acrylic Cube Gift 03

Acrylic awards

Acrylic awards are bold and strong. This plastic-based material has many perks. It is easy to mold and pairs well with other materials like metal. It also offers a hard yet light finish and comes in a variety of colors. No matter the vision, acrylic will suit all needs and exceed all expectations.

Gold Awards Figures Holding Globe Statue

Gold awards

Gold awards are the epitome of prestige. What do the Golden Globes, Grammy Awards, and Academy Awards all have in common? Gold. This material embodies luxury and class for whatever project it is a part of. It is easy to incorporate gold elements into any design. From gold plating to golden accents, elegance can be achieved.

Seek the extraordinary with custom trophy awards

How exactly does Cristaux elevate a trophy award? It’s all in the details. We create custom awards because our clients’ stories are unique. We do not recreate the same experience for different clients because it’s not in our nature. Throughout our design process, we continually prioritize award customization. This way, we maintain our unmatched standards.

Whatever your trophy award is for, we are excited to be part of your journey. From start to finish, we will support you and your vision. Our comprehensive solutions will elevate your recognition program and help deliver an unforgettable experience. From rapid prototyping to drop shipping, let us help you.

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