Outback Bowl
Case Study

Outback Bowl

Usually played on New Year’s Day, the Outback Bowl is a collegiate football game for teams from the Southeastern, Big Ten, and Atlantic Coast Conferences. Based in Tampa Bay, this program includes a week of events leading to the ultimate game and showdown.


Custom Awards


Crystal + Glass


Event Awards

Outback 3

The Challenge

The team at Cristaux was challenged with designing a one-of-a-kind college trophy entirely from crystal. To top it off, the designed required a specific height and weight to it.

Outback 2

The Solution

We ended up designing a trophy award that was made entirely from hand. The football was made to size and rested atop a uniquely shaped pillar.

Since this was for the Outback Bowl, we had a boomerang made entirely from crystal glued to the side of the trophy! The end result was a unique custom trophy that became an icon and prized possession in collegiate sports accomplishments.

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