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Corporate awards have endless purposes, from recognizing your employees to vendor appreciation.

We navigate this vast ocean of possibilities to create recognition pieces that:

  • Encourage and motivate employees
  • Boost overall growth and performance
  • Celebrate business achievements

Here at Cristaux, we use a diverse set of materials to honor you and your team. We also deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for many award categories. All in all, we are experts in innovating and creating unique awards.

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Corporate awards make the moment last

You and your team deserve to be recognized. Furthermore, your accomplishments should be distinguished and honored with a custom award. We exist to create those personalized moments. To ensure we perfect your vision, our selection of materials is ever-growing. Each day, we take on new elements to allow for new designs. To keep distribution channels open, we source from all parts of the world.

You do not need to look anywhere else. With our large collection of raw materials, your recognition vision can be achieved.

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Corporate awards: glass

Glass is a sophisticated and classic material. Whether etched or engraved, glass creates a timeless award that you will be proud of. No matter the design, glass will level up your concept. Say cheers for a job well done with a custom champagne flute in hand. Or send branded wine glasses to your clients to say thank you. Regardless of the message, glass will always achieve a timeless result.

Looking for something with a bit more personality? Ask us about jade glass and its unique green hue.

Our Stock Collection

Stock pieces are readily available creations including gifts, trophies, and more. To get a better idea of what stock recognition pieces may offer, browse our new collection.

Stock Catalog
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Corporate awards: crystal

Crystal has the unique quality of making any award look elegant, exclusive, and prestigious. It can be cut, polished, and engraved for any custom idea. This striking material is also stronger than glass, allowing for more complex designs. To ensure high-quality recognition, we use grade “A” optical crystal. Available in various colors, each variety of color depicts a sleek and state-of-the-art design.

This versatile material excellently embodies many projects, including:

Corporate Personalized Acrylic Award

Corporate awards: acrylic

Acrylic is a durable and strategic option for custom award programs with diverse budgets. It is made from plastic but can look like crystal. Similar to its shatter-resistant quality, it will not break the bank in terms of budget. To uphold our high standards, we use Lucite: the market’s leading choice of acrylic. It is strong, lightweight, and flexible.

If you are searching for a unique years of service awards or want to honor your company’s leaders with a particular sales trophy or leadership award, acrylic may be the best option for your program. When coupled with our design creativity, this top-notch material reflects our ingenuity and craftsmanship in every piece.

Corporate Golf Club Wood Plaque With Metal Bull Personalization

Corporate awards: wood

Depending on your vision and preferences, different types of wood achieve different outcomes. Specific substrates have distinct looks and functions, making each unique. For example, walnut is a popular choice for an award’s base. However, alder, cherry, and maple make any engraving stand out. You can mix various wood types to add dimension.

Wood also offers a great natural effect for creations like plaques. And it is the greatest option if you value sustainability.

Corporate Recognition Metal And Mirror Material

Additional materials for corporate recognition

We are connected to a vast vendor network, sourcing materials from around the world.

Depending on your corporate award vision, additional materials that we work with are:

  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Resin
  • 3D Printing
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Corporate awards and gifts: Why Cristaux?

The Cristaux team works where design, manufacturing, and the client’s brand vision meet. Despite our many services, creations from Cristaux follow a simple process:

  1. Our creative designers work with you to perfect your brand’s vision.
  2. We support you with full-service programs like drop shipping and inventory management.
  3. Our program management team ensures your satisfaction. They maintain quality and customer service throughout your whole program.

We challenge the norms of our industry because we are dedicated to modernizing recognition. Personalization and innovation motivate us to meet high standards and exceed competition.

Corporate awards categories and ideas

Every vision is unique. And each of our awards is authentic and one-of-a-kind.

It is because of this that various factors will impact your recognition piece’s design and function. Among many aspects, you may consider your industry, recognition program, or award type. Considering all the different award categories and purposes, recognition can take on many forms for corporate awards.

Corporate Diversity Awards Equality Index Crystal Etch Paint

Corporate diversity awards

Diversity awards honor those who show great commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Inclusion awards also belong to this category. These awards celebrate remarkable practices and efforts that welcome and value all kinds of people and communities. If you embody the values of service and innovation, then a soulful award like these will be coming your way.

Check out this recognition piece for a meaningful story.

Non Profit Organization Crystal Award

Corporate philanthropy awards

Corporate philanthropy awards celebrate outstanding achievements, foundations, and organizations. This recognition is for those who give their time and work hard to create a lasting impact on others. Innovative solutions warrant innovative designs. When a non-profit organization makes massive strides for its cause, it deserves to be noticed and praised. Oftentimes, these pieces feature company branded themes.

Corporate Best Place To Work Crystal City Award

Corporate governance awards

Corporate governance awards are given to those who stand out in their industries. They are refining the way they make decisions, tackle risk, and execute compliance. Furthermore, they are model companies supporting their communities. With a custom corporate award, you can applaud and honor those you trust most.

Blue Clear Crytal Corporate Leadership Award

Corporate leadership awards

Leaders work hard to inspire those around them to achieve a goal. Their actions breathe life into a company and even drive a brand’s growth. Corporate leadership awards honor those who have accomplished such an achievement. These programs also motivate a team to learn new skills and leadership strategies.

Commemorate these outstanding individuals with recognition to match. Cristaux proudly supports these innovative programs and their evident commitment to excellence. We ensure all recipients receive a personalized award to encourage individual and brand growth.


Corporate sustainability awards

Sustainability awards recognize companies and employees for environmental achievement and leadership. Recognition pieces are gifted to highlight the best practices in each industry. Likewise, employees are praised for making a difference in their company for sustainability.

You can go above and beyond by using a sustainable material for your design. Discover how your program can adopt sustainable materials into your design concept.

Custom Wall Plaque Award Lady Gaga Acrylic Sales Sign By Cristaux

Corporate awards plaques

Corporate plaques commemorate special achievements, express gratitude, and tell your brand’s story. This type of recognition is easy to display and versatile in design. Your vision may include glass, crystal, wood, or other materials. We will help you design framed certificates, metal plating, or company branded products.

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Additional corporate award categories

Your recognition dreams do not stop there. Other forms of corporate awards include:

One-of-a-kind corporate awards by Cristaux

Always evolving and innovating designs, we offer endless materials and countless corporate award ideas. We are committed to making the creative process easy for you. Our bootstrapping beginnings inspire us to expand our vision daily and be flexible for you.

We have made it simple to start your project with us today.

1. Identify the vision for your recognition program.

2. Share that vision with us here.