Case Study


Since Cristaux became DOBE cerifitied, we had wanted to participate in the community in a more hands-on way. What a better idea then to do what we do best – upgrade their program awards and really bring back their company branding.


Crystal + Glass

Code Name



The Challenge

To highlight this unique and profound company in a way that elevates their brand but is also a design that they can be truly proud of.


The Solution

The response we received was wonderful. Large corporations that received high accolades for their Disability:IN scoring were happy to receive something that mirrored their efforts. The top recipients were recognized for their vendor diversity and particularly disability indexes.

We used white, clear, blue and green crystal, ultimately using four different materials. Our team combined them to one piece in a way where the colors did not cannibalize each other, allowing their branding to shine. It was a very custom work of art.

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