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Where a concept is more than just an idea.

Designer Dry Erase Sketch on Glass of a Custom Nasdaq Capsule Award by Cristaux

Creative Design that Captures Your Story

The design process is an integral part of concept development. Our team will work with you to elevate your design to its fullest potential. This way, your vision can truly come to life.

Our creative designers work tirelessly to find out the perfect fit for your needs. During the creative onboarding process, we identify the best material, color, production method and other aspects of your design that will ensure a result that matches your vision.

Digital Sketch of Custom Designs on a Wacom Drawing Tablet


When we consult on a concept, we work through the entire vision, no matter the extent. Whether we are given a full scope of specific details or we are working with a concept that has never been executed, we don’t stop until the complete picture comes together.

Our industrial designers have mastered the ability to build out all of the pieces to the puzzle. Through a brainstorm session to align on concepts and capabilities, we set the bar for all expectations. You may even receive a dedicated mood board to help complete your vision.

It is here where we explore details such as in-hands dates, material capabilities, order fulfillment and logistics. We will also identify all parties that are involved in the decision-making process. This way, everyone can agree to the terms of the concept before processing the vision.

Custom Award High Definition Renderings by Cristaux

Rendering Services

Our team of creative designers has one goal in mind during this stage of the process: provide a service that will help you become comfortable to invest in the next round. If that means getting a complete visual by rendering the concept onto a picture of your personal desk, we will do so. To achieve this, we can provide two styles of renderings depending on your needs. This can either come in the form of:

  • A video rendering. If you are working with multiple decision makers on the project, it may be important for those individuals to see the vision in its entirety.
  • A standard JPEG. If you are the only one that needs to approve designs, and you feel that the direct communication helped align on a vision goal, this option will best suit your needs.

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On-Demand Virtual Design

While having an initial consultation conversation, we can create on-demand virtual concepts of your designs. If you are toying with a couple different ideas and want to see them transferred to paper, we can come up with a few different images in real time. We invest into engineering drawings because the blueprints of each design matters to us most. This sets the tone and expectations for the full design scope and allows for ease of adjustments if there are sizing requests.

We’ll tweak your design until we’re confident that the final version of your recognition is exactly what you want. Then, we’ll head to the rapid prototyping stage of the development.

It is All in the Details

Our team’s level of industrial design expertise is unmatched. We will find the right material, the proper shape and even the best color coordination for your design. We work to perfect even the simplest of details to make sure that each design is given that one-of-a-kind feel. Our team of designers elevate concepts to communicate your story, and we won’t stop until that story is exactly what you envision.

You dream it, we build it