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Capture and celebrate your story with unique milestone awards

From your company’s grand opening to your 50th business anniversary, there will be many occasions to honor with a milestone award. At Cristaux International, we like to make a big deal out of big accomplishments. We’ll guide you through everything there is to know about milestone celebrations, from categories to the creation process and ideas. You and your team have made history, so now it’s time to celebrate.

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What is a milestone award?

A milestone award may commemorate a variety of major accomplishments. These are used to mark your history-making moments. Examples include employee work anniversaries, company anniversaries, expansions, major deals, partnerships, distinctions, and more.

What is the meaning of milestone?

A milestone describes a major accomplishment/moment in someone’s career.

What are the benefits of milestone awards for employees?

Rewarding your employees for major milestones has plenty of benefits. Find out more.

Employee loyalty

Loyalty is often taken for granted in the corporate world. However, it is essential for organizations to celebrate employee years of service/milestones. This way, you can motivate your team to continue working for you and maintain low turnover rates. A typical years of service award program may celebrate 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-year employee milestones.

Retention improvement

Employees that feel recognized and appreciated are far more likely to stay at a company for a longer period of time. And that, in reverse, is a benefit for you as a company since long serving employees have deep knowledge of both the industry and the organization.

Talent attraction

Candidates who know about the rewards and milestone recognition in your company will more likely join you.

Morale increasement

Employees will likely do more than they are obliged to when they feel recognized and appreciated. The all-over morale of the company will increase when your employees know that their hard work and going beyond their duties are noted.

How to set up a service award program

To develop a service award program, follow the proceeding steps. Also, read this blog post for more information and ideas for your service award program.

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Design and Order Awards

Whether you can choose custom awards or stock pieces depends on your budget, quantity needed, and intended delivery date. Regardless of your choice, you will collaborate with your recognition vendor to personalize and order the awards you need. Read more about Cristaux’s awards creation process.

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Record and Track Employee Start Dates

We recommend you and your team develop a digital system to track employee start dates. Additionally, configure the system to alert you of upcoming anniversaries at least three months in advance. This way, you can order, ship, and present awards in a timely manner.

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Ship and Present Awards

We suggest you order your awards in bulk. At Cristaux, we offer inventory management services to store and safeguard your awards as long as you need. This way, you can quickly personalize and ship awards when needed. Order your pieces at least 2 months before you plan on giving them to recipients. Do you need to ship directly to remote workers? Use our drop shipping solution to ensure safe delivery.

How to order custom awards at Cristaux

With years of experience, we’ve learned how to support our customers creating an unforgettable experience for their award recipients. Find out more about the manufacturing process at Cristaux and how you can order your custom awards.

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In collaboration with our creative design department, you can turn your vision into reality. You decide on design details like size, shape and color.

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Next, we fabricate your custom awards. Our specialists guarantee that our creations take your design to the highest potential. We do everything to achieve excellence.

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Personalized awards, trophies, and gifts are our specialty. We create custom-made pieces using manufacturing methods such as sand etching or 3D layering.

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We safely send your custom awards any location around the globe. Our drop shipping logistics allow us to send packages direct to award recipients’ anywhere.

Celebrate great achievements with milestone award trophies by Cristaux

At Cristaux, we pride ourselves in being storytellers. We are grateful to be a part of each client’s journey. Our team is also eager to design unique creations to capture your milestones. Milestone awards mark your organization’s timeline. To hold these awards in your hands and to be teleported to your team’s past is unbeatable. Working with us, you’ll experience excellent customer service. From design to production to shipping, we value your vision first. We use our expert knowledge, machinery, and materials to bring your story to life.

Contact the Cristaux team to start designing your milestone award today.

Related FAQs

A service anniversary marks the date an employee started working for an organization during a previous year. Common anniversaries to celebrate include 1-, 3-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-year milestones. Also, the awards and gifts paired with each occasion typically grow in value as the years increase. 

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