Canon Million Dollar Club
Case Study

Canon Million Dollar Club

Canon Inc. is a leader in the digital imaging industry. Its team works hard to supply consumer, business-to-business, and industrial solutions.

Canon Million Dollar Club Silver Medallion Presentation Box 002


The Canon team wanted to recognize the employees who sold one million dollars’ worth of product. They requested a medallion and a presentation box to celebrate this special pinnacle. We then challenged ourselves to design something that could be displayed on a desk. It would remind these employees of their grand accomplishment every day.

Canon Million Dollar Club Silver Medallion Presentation Box 003


For this design, we centered around the idea of “less is more.” We first created a mold for the medallions and chose to work with brass. It is a durable metal that allows cuts to look crisper and more brilliantWhen coated with raw simple silver, it would look exquisite and blemish-freeWe used the backside of the medallion to personalize each recipient’s piece. To keep our promise, we crafted a slotted box for the medallion. The piece stooup and proudly presented itself on each deserving employee’s desk.

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