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As the center of championships and competitions, sports trophies are masterpieces for recognizing and celebrating greatness. Winning a tournament or playoffs is a sensational feeling, but hoisting that trophy is the cherry on top. Those moments of celebration would have lesser impact without awards and cups to show off. Our team is committed to recreating this feeling for you. Throughout the creation of your piece, we’ll work hard to develop special moments for your brand.

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USC Trojans Football

USC College Football Sports Trophy

Sports trophies by Cristaux

Elevate recognition programs with creations that rival the greatest designs. With a vast network of vendors and partners, we have the connections to create impactful trophies and events. Dedicated to modernizing recognition, we find immense pride in discovering new designs and personalized solutions for every client.

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What sports have trophies?

Regardless of favorite teams or players, we all know how good it feels to win. Any sport can feature trophies for those special moments, complete with unique and meaningful details. The following list includes popular sports with awards.

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

How to order sports trophies at Cristaux

To make a custom trophy with Cristaux, get in touch with us and complete our contact form. After starting the conversation, you will dive into the rest of the creation process with our ongoing support and guidance. Through each phase, we’ll prioritize your story and give new life to your brand.

Metal MVP Sports Trophy


You’ll collaborate with our creative designers and engineers to bring your vision to life. While brainstorming with our team, you’ll figure out which materials, sizes, shapes, and details to include in the award’s design and to perfectly capture the feeling of victory. The following materials come with unique advantages for creating awards of great stature and impact.

Bull Valley Golf Sports Trophies


Around the world, we work with personalization experts and material specialists to manufacture outstanding awards. By working with leaders in the recognition industry, we can achieve more and create truly distinct trophy awards worthy of first place. We endlessly value excellence and work with the best of the best.

Sports Trophys with Persoanlized Base


To make recognition pieces even more unique, we personalize each creation for recipients like tournament winners, participants, and more. We can engrave, etch, and print precise details for a highly specialized experience. Whether engraving nameplates to add to a historic cup or printing program details on medallions, we can do it all.

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Sports Trophy Shipping Container Box


Whether sending a tournament trophy to an arena or gifts to event organizers, we can handle all shipping logistics. Cristaux’s proprietary drop shipping solution empowers clients to send pieces to personal addresses around the world. We are committed to making our clients’ lives easier by realizing secure and swift deliveries.

Crossfit Medallions
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CrossFit Sports Medals

Custom sports trophies & medals

From etching award bases to creating branded trophies, making custom awards is full of possibilities. When personalizing concepts and pieces, we can make something truly special for a program and its recipients. Each honoree can engrave their name into the history of their beloved sport. Custom sports awards and custom sports plaques can be elevated when designed to tell a client’s unique story.

Create your own sports trophies with Cristaux

Custom sports trophies take any occasion to the next level. Whether honoring prestige or building excitement, these creations represent the greatest athletes and programs. With a vendor like Cristaux, you can make the most of your recognition pieces. Share your story. Inspire others.

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Some famous sports trophies include the Stanley Cup, Green Jacket, Olympic medals, and the Heisman Trophy. These pieces all have unparalleled reputations. Also, popular types of sports trophies include MVP awards, cups, and tournament trophies. Each creation should represent the event and sport with pride and prestige.

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