Case Study


CrossFit is a fitness program focused on productive exercise and complete nutrition. Dedicated to individual and community health, its team supports clients with diverse goals and starting points.

Metal Screen Print Medallion With Ribbon CrossFit Games 003


The CrossFit team reached out to Cristaux to reinvent their annual program, the NOBULL CrossFit Games. They envisioned medallions unique to their character and brand, so it was on our team to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Metal Screen Print Medallion With Ribbon CrossFit Games


Our creative team flexed their design muscles and developed a concept inspired by dumbbells and weights, essential CrossFit equipment. Furthermore, we honored the recipients’ hard work by machining the pieces to look rough and tough.

We coated the medallions in black nickel. However, some were finished with a matte effect, and others were polished. This way, different award categories would be distinguished with unique textures. To further customize these creations, we engineered a slit for the ribbon to feed through, unlike the typical hoop used for this type of award. In the end, we produced hefty pieces to match the honorees’ substantial achievements.

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