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Glass Awards to Honor Special Achievements

Custom glass awards embody refinement and flexibility. Glass offers an elegant and classy effect for any recognition program. This budget-friendly material allows us to realize high-class recognition dreams.

Often overshadowed by crystal, glass is a powerhouse material in its own right. It works well for many different types of projects, follows a simple creation process, and allows for valuable personalization. Glass could be the key ingredient for certain types of employee recognition.

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Custom glass awards by Cristaux

Cristaux prioritizes excellence in everything we do. From sourcing materials to executing a client’s vision, we aim for the best result every time. Our glass creations are the epitome of versatility. We pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of recognition. From crafting glass bottles to customizing glass plaques, we have fun exploring the possibilities of this material.

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Types of custom glass awards

Glass awards elevate many different recognition programs from service awards to corporate gifts and incentives. For your vision and team, the possibilities are endless.

abstract art glass award

Custom art glass awards

Custom art glass awards and statues capture a beautiful elegance. Whether you’re looking for a modern concept or a traditional revival, a creative design is a must for any unique custom award. Collaborate with our team of artists to figure out how to expand your vision.

curved glass award with sand etching

Jade glass awards

Jade glass awards have a green tint, offering recognition pieces an effect like no other. This small detail can quickly uplift custom leadership awards or a milestone award. Unique differences like these make your awards stand out from the rest.

glass panel with metal base

Metal + glass awards

Awards made from metal and glass are exquisite because these materials complement each other so well. Both metal and glass are strong. They can both shine with great brilliance, drawing everyone’s attention to your program.

glass plaque for metal wall mounts

Glass award plaques

At Cristaux, we make sure all plaques leaving our warehouse are perfectly personalized for the recipient. Glass award plaques celebrate special, individual achievements with great class and in a cost-effective way. Plaques are canvases for customization. From color to engraving to presentation, glass plaques are flexible for any design or concept.

glass obelisk tower award

Obelisk + tower awards

Obelisk and tower awards are classic shapes for any recognition program. They present well, and their flat surfaces allow for easy personalization. From sales trophies to safety awards, these pieces will allow your recipients to feel appreciated and honored.

glass panel dealtoy

Glass deal toys

Deal toys are a great way to celebrate those big business moments. From acquisitions to fundraising, commemorating achievements with financial tombstones is a tradition of the finance and real estate sectors. A custom glass work makes a striking award that is easy to present to clients, employees, advisors, and more.

sand etched corporate gift glassware

Custom corporate gifts

When you want to recognize your whole team for a job well done, corporate gifts do wonders. Company branded glass champagne flutes or Yeti mugs act as small tokens of gratitude. While lifting your team’s spirits, you can also celebrate the brand you all work so hard to grow. Corporate recognition also includes celebrating personal milestones like employee work anniversary gifts.

Glass tower with digital print personalization

How to create glass awards + trophies

With years of experience, the Cristaux team has developed a seamless creation process with immense in-house capabilities. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service supported by our comprehensive solutions. To create glass awards with us, you’ll follow the proceeding steps.

  • Contact our sales team to share your ideas, requirements, and other program details.
  • Collaborate with our design team and approve a final concept.
  • While your recognition pieces are being manufactured, reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
  • We will check your pieces for quality. Once they are reviewed, we will ship them to you or use drop shipping to deliver directly to recipients.
  • Confirm that you received your order and enjoy your event.

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glass panel with digital print mounted on wood plaque

Engraved + personalized glass awards

Personalizing a glass award is what gives it that human touch. Customization elevates your design from striking to meaningful. At Cristaux, our artisans use the following techniques to personalize your glass awards and trophies.

  • Sand etching
  • Color filling
  • Digital printing

Buyer beware of manufacturers who use laser engraving for glass awards and trophies. Laser engraving does not leave clean lines behind, but rather microscopic glass shards. At Cristaux, we use sand etching because it cleanly carves lines into glass without problems.

Building replica crystal

The difference between crystal + glass as award materials

Crystal and glass can easily be mistaken for one another. As experts of our award materials, we’d like to point out the most important differences.

  • Crystal is clearer than glass.
  • Glass is more cost-effective than crystal.
  • Glass is lighter than crystal.
  • Glass is thicker than crystal and is worked at a higher temperature.
  • Crystal is smoother when cut, making it more durable for detailed projects like building replicas.
  • Crystal refracts light more easily than glass.

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Korn Ferry

Reward your employees with custom glass awards by Cristaux

Custom glass awards uplift diverse recognition programs. This budget-friendly material helps actualize any vision, from plaques to deal toys to gifts. By working with us, you’ll discover the positive impact of working with a vendor who genuinely cares about you and your team. We work hard to make high-class recognition accessible to all.

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YesCristaux offers blank glass awards. You can collaborate with our art team to design a custom concept, or you can browse our stock collection. We also offer on-site engraving to elevate any event, as a part of our white glove service. 

Yes, Cristaux offers acrylic awards and trophies. We use the industry’s leading acrylic, Lucite, because we believe it is important to invest in the best quality for our clients. Acrylic is a versatile material, molding to diverse shapes, colors, and budgets. 

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