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Accessible, high-class recognition

Known for being light, moldable, and budget-friendly, custom glass work captures a unique magic for awards and gifts. By uplifting recognition programs, this material inspires employees and business partners.

Working with Cristaux, you’ll discover our streamlined creation process that enables us to design and fabricate a diverse array of plaques, medals, and select creations. With unparalleled craftsmanship and expansive resources, we can make custom glass creations for any program and vision.

custom glass blowing process

Custom glass work by Cristaux

Our work is unparalleled because we have the flexibility to make personalized creations and solutions for each client of ours. To bring custom glass awards to life, we tap into our global network of vendors and specialists. With the world at our disposal, we can design and fabricate elegant and cost-effective pieces. We make premium awards and gifts for any budget and vision.

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Plaques, awards & trophies made of glass

In the world of crafting custom awards, glass complements a variety of occasions. This material can be used to create event awards, corporate gifts, display pieces, and other unique concepts. From custom blown glass to one-of-a-kind molds, these creations greatly range in purpose, function, and design.

BizBash glass medal

Glass medals

Whether used for industry galas or sporting events, custom medals capture a classic essence for recognition programs. These pieces can be worn on branded ribbons or propped up in custom presentation boxes. Although medals may not be as big as trophy cups, they pack a punch and epitomize the philosophy of, “less is more.”

glass artwork with metal base

Glass trophies

Glass trophies and sculpture awards capture grandeur and brilliance. When paired with striking glass artwork, trophies of great height and unique concepts feel and look truly substantial. Also, it’s important to note that glass weighs less than crystal and, thus, is more suitable for larger designs.

woman with glass plaque

Glass plaques

Plaques are one of the most convenient types of awards. Whether constructed to hang on a wall or rest on a kickstand, these pieces decorate any office with pride and class. These tablet-like creations are easily personalized to feature special information for award recipients. From engraving their name to printing the details of their accomplishments, personalization upgrades any program.

This is how you order your custom glass work at Cristaux

Driven by excellence, the Cristaux team has developed a creation process to encourage collaboration and efficiency. With years of experience, we’ve learned how to create a personal experience for our customers so that they can create an unforgettable experience for their award recipients. We’ll lead you through the process with grace and wisdom so that you can order the custom glass work you dream of.

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Led by our cutting-edge engineers, our creative design department will collaborate with you to decide the details of your vision. You’ll discuss size, shape, colors, and more for your custom glass work. This phase is dedicated to exploring and completing the award’s design.

custom glass work in production


With a finalized concept, we can move forward and fabricate your custom glass works. We can partner with certified experts to create exquisite glass art. By working with specialists, we ensure our creations are the best of the best. We do everything we can to uphold excellence.

personalized custom blown glass award


Personalized awards embrace what makes recognition programs special. With individualized details, trophies and gifts elevate an honoree’s experience and make moments of accomplishment truly memorable. Members of our production team can use sand etching, digital printing, 3D lasering, and more to personalize glass awards.

custom blue glass panels ready for shipping


Cristaux team members pride themselves in being solution masterminds. When it comes to shipping, we’ll work hard to swiftly and safely send your glass creations wherever they need to go. Our drop shipping solution allows us to send packages to award recipients’ personal addresses. This option perfectly complements global recognition programs and virtual events.

Discover unique custom glass work by Cristaux

For any organization, custom glass work offers an array of unique shapes, colors, and creations. With flexibility and excellence guiding us, we’ll work hand in hand with you to create the glass pieces you envision. By the end of the creation process, your program will be enhanced with outstanding artwork.

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Yes, the Cristaux team can make custom sculpture awards from glass and other materials. We love to take on new challenges and to create abstract designs and structures. Glass is lighter than crystal, so it works well for large designs and when paired with heavier materials.

Cristaux does not craft custom blown glass pieces itself. However, we can collaborate with a vendor who specializes in this art form to realize a client’s vision. With our network of partners, we can achieve more and fulfill diverse design dreams. Browse our stock collection for art glass inspiration.

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