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Korn Ferry

Partner to 93% of FORTUNE 100 companies, Korn Ferry is an innovative executive search and recruiting that aligns organizational vision for positive and lasting performance.


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Korn Ferry


The Challenge

The preeminent authority on leadership and talent with over 80 offices around the world commissioned Cristaux International to design and manufacture an abstract monolith that could be proudly displayed inside of each and every one of their office lobbies.


The Solution

This was a project where the concept of fashion and function collided. Mitigating manufacturing challenges, the Cristaux team worked to pressure-fit these for different sized panels into precise wooden slots and eliminating any toggle. Strategizing the right dimensions with the right material, the team used adhesive to prevent any “toggling”; as well as figured exacting dimensions to allow the slots to fit both the adhesive as well as the the glass slots. From there, production was seamless and delivery was smooth.

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