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Metal crystals coming out of ground custom smithsonian award

Metal Awards for Modern Recognition

Metal is one of the most durable and versatile award materials. When creating a metal award, the possibilities are endless. Considering the many finishes and methods used to shape and personalize this material, any concept can be achieved.

At Cristaux International, we take great pride in our selection of materials, metal being one of our most popular choices. We’d love to share more with you on Cristaux’s values, manufacturing process, types of metal awards, engraving, and more. Let’s join forces to make your metal awards ideas a reality.

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Metal cast copper metal building shape award

Unique metal awards by Cristaux

The Cristaux team is always studying its craft and putting our clients first. Whether you envision crystal, acrylic, or metal awards, we produce unique creations within diverse budgets and deadlines. From offering custom awards and a stock collection to expanding our selection of core materials, we are dedicated to giving you all the options you could ever need. With all the possibilities we provide, you are free to dream.

When creating metal awards, we maintain countless choices for our clients. From brass to nickel to gold. From electroplating and polishing to casting and acid-etching. We have the tools to modernize your story and recognition vision.

Elegant Metal Statue Award
Case Study

Elegant Metal Statue Award

How to create a metal award

To create metal statues, awards, or gifts, you’ll consider the following aspects: material, manufacturing process, finish, and personalization.

Different metal material availability. Metal square pipes of all sizes


Ask yourself what color and weight you envision for your design. All metals can be modified with different company branded colors, while the weight of the metal can vary. Consider our vast selection of metals:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc alloy
  • Tin
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Steel
  • Brass
Metal CNC lathe carving keys out of metal

Manufacturing Process

How your awards are built is often determined by your budget, quantity, and timeline. Consider the following manufacturing processes for metal creations:

  • Molding. Molding metal pieces is expensive because of the cost of creating a new mold. However, it may be worth it when ordering a large quantity of items. Different methods of molding metals include diecasting and spin casting. At Cristaux, we specialize in diecasting, compressing two parts together to form one piece.
  • Machining. Using machines to shape metal is often more cost-effective because you do not encounter the large cost of making a mold special for your project. Manufacturers will use waterjet and laser machines to achieve different cuts, details, and more.

Learn what manufacturing options you have by reading about handmade and machine-made awards.

Polished and brushed metal MVP award

A Sleek Finish

Browse your options to find the perfect finish for your unique creations.

  • Anodizing. Through this process, we fashion the pieces with vibrant colors. We offer more than 20 color options to realize your vision.
  • Electroplating. For a brilliant finish, we coat pieces in thin layers of metal and treat them with chemicals. You can opt for a shiny, sandy, antique, or pearl effect.
  • Hand-polishing. For some projects, hand-polishing delivers the most mesmerizing effect. This process works well with the flexible metal aluminum.
  • Painting. We use a color-matching system to achieve exact colors and match your company branding. We also cure our pieces to prevent peeling.
  • Powder coating. This technique works similarly to spray painting, coating pieces in a powder to achieve clean and matte effects.

Contact the Cristaux team to learn more about our finishing options.

Metal capsules being assembled


  • Sand etching. Also known as sandblasting, sand etching uses powerful machinery, stencils, and a sand-like mixture to etch details into creations.
  • Acid etching and color fill. For this process, acid is used to etch into metal. Then, the etched spaces are filled with different colors and baked to forge the paint into the precise and distinctive designs.
  • Digital printing. Simpler than acid etching, digital printing delivers a sleek look. From incorporating recipient details to company branding, there are numerous possibilities.
  • Embossing and debossing. These two techniques are opposites but use similar methods. While embossing means to create a raised design on a smooth surface, debossing means to indent a design into a piece. These techniques are often used for medallions.
  • Hand-engraving. To engrave metal by hand, one uses a tool to cut small grooves and intricate details into the hard surface.

Types of metal awards

The Cristaux team is committed to making all clients’ wishes come true.To reflect our dedication to excellence, our select creations come in many different shapes and have a variety of purposes. Consider the following types of custom metal awards for inspiration.

Metal award plaque backed by acrylic. Digital printed personalization

Metal award: plaques

Plaques are a classic option for individual recognition because they are easily customized to each recipient. Metal elevates any design in small and big ways. The sleek material can be used to digitally print personal details or as a veneer to cover less costly materials while achieving the metallic effect.

James Beard Foundation medallion for chefs. Metal die stamped with text and image of face on the metal.

Metal award: medals

Custom medals are classic type of metal creations. At Cristaux, we aim to modernize traditional medallions. We do this by reconfiguring the shape and function of the piece. For example, to replace the typical ring used to connect the medal and the ribbon, we designed a slit for a ribbon to feed through. The result is contemporary and one-of-a-kind.

Gold trophy film reel spinning top.

Metal award: trophies

Regardless of the type of metal you choose to work with, you’ll have a custom metal trophy to proudly present. You can opt for aluminum, steel, or prestigious gold. No matter what, you’ll present a strong and striking metal trophy fit for any champion.

Die cast metal statue polished and on Acrylic base. Figure with angelic wings

Metal Award: Statues

Custom award statues celebrate outstanding achievements in a timeless fashion. At Cristaux, we’ve used bronze, gold, and more to achieve excellent and detailed designs. When creating custom metal statues and figurines, we often use metal to cast the molds and electroplate, or coat, the pieces.

EDM wire cut and polished metal with colored enamel paint fill. Custom BMW M3 logo creation.

Company Branded Creations

What better way to tell your story than to feature your company brand! One of Cristaux’s core creation types is anything and everything company branded. From product replicas to luggage tags, we use metal to capture and elevate your brand.

crystal dealtoy with metal cut skyline silhouettes attached to base

Financial Tombstones + Deal Toys

Financial tombstones and deal toys are awards used to celebrate the closing of business deals. By using metal in these designs, we add style and strength. Whether used as the main material or as an accent, metal upgrades any deal toy.

EDM Wire cut metal with etch and colorfill text. Corporate custom gift

Metal Custom Gifts

Custom gifts make any occasion a bit extra special. From applauding donor milestones to celebrating a completed construction project, giving custom gifts is a great way of expressing gratitude for others. At Cristaux, we especially enjoy designing functional gifts like keychains and paperweights. Not only are you honoring deserving people, but you’re also giving them something useful and long-lasting.

Acid etched metal engraving with colorfill paint

Customized + engraved metal awards

When deciding how to customize awards, we consider the material and the time needed for each personalization method. For engraved metal awards, we have many techniques for customization. Consider the ones listed below:

  • Sand-etching
  • Acid-etching
  • Hand-engraving
  • Digital printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Embossing and debossing

Bring your vision to life with custom metal awards by Cristaux

Innovative and striking designs always start with a clear and compelling vision. With your story and brand as the foundation, our materials and tools are the building blocks for your one-of-a-kind metal award. To begin your process with Cristaux, submit an inquiry. From there, we will guide you through the design, production, and shipping processes. From creative design to drop shipping, we will support you through the whole journey. If you are looking for additional enhancements to your program, discover the details of our comprehensive recognition solutions.

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