Case Study


Marriott International is dedicated to expanding its world and properties. Its team works hard to improve its communities and provide publics with exciting opportunities.

Crystal Gold Aluminum Base Colorfilled Financial Dealtoy 002


The Marriott team reached out to us, wanting a custom award to commemorate the acquisition of one of their properties. They envisioned a deal toy that would resemble their hotel. They also wanted to use multiple materials and include the golden elements of their branding.

Crystal Gold Aluminum Base Colorfilled Financial Dealtoy 003


To craft a striking award, we decided to work with crystal and aluminum. On the front of the crystal piece, we etched and color filled the deal’s details gold. To incorporate the building’s design, we applied a pattern on the back to reflect the unique structure of the hotel’s windows. We then electroplated, or coated, the aluminum base in gold for great shine and elegance. To add contrast, we coated the top of the base in nickel.

The most challenging part of this design was to precisely attach the two pieces made of different materials. We tested a wide variety of glues to discover which would minimize marks on the bottom of the crystal. Thanks to our dedication to excellence, we presented the client with a final award which was strong and stunning.

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